5 Things To Know Before You Begin Bloodborne

Bloodborne carries on the Dark Souls legacy of hair-pulling difficulty, so here are five tips I wish I had known before starting the game. The first boss appears in this video, but I’ve avoided every other spoiler possible!

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22 thoughts on “5 Things To Know Before You Begin Bloodborne”

  1. I know I'm late but I'm about 155 hours into Bloodborne and I'd suggest to pick the Sawclever on you're first playthrough

  2. I actually have beaten the cleric beast first try things i was using were:
    Saw cleaver+1
    Blunderbuss 18 bullets
    2 molotovs
    2 pebles

  3. kinda annoying its a PS4 exclusive i dont wanna buy one just to finish my goal of playing all souls like games they made

  4. You can also just jump down in the sewer and kill a few rats and go pick up the mat whatever skull thing in and consume that as long as you have one insight the doll comes alive

  5. You know I realize this video was made in 2015 so things may have changed through patching and what not and that might be why that set of armor is different clothing or whatever but also would like to point out that you can die and number of times your blood echoes will still be there as long as you keep going back even if you die 5 times trying to get back until the thing that's carrying them they will still be there or they'll be on the ground wherever you die if nothing is pick them up but I I know for a fact I've been killed by a pack went back to aggressive and got killed by it again and went back multiple times before I finally went back and got my all my blood echoes so you know like 6 k on me one time when I died and I died multiple times for I got them back by the way anybody who's just trying to gain while don't try to save your money this pendant if you don't need anything just buy more supplies it'll go to your storage and if you need gas later you can always sell it for what you can't do is if you lose all the blood echoes can't you know can't beat the car cuz it's got them you're just out so sell them save the oh I forgot what they're called the things that you can turn into blood echoes save those in your storage for went you need a bunch of cash that's a good way to save to but you can definitely just buy a bunch of access vials of blood or Maltese dogs or stones and store them for later

  6. I keep screwing up and having to start over so I don't ruin certain part site last mistake was I attacked oh what's her name I leave the hunter hunter anyway I text her for the shoes aggressive towards me so I have to start overon the upside took me about eight minutes to get to her this time so


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