ABC PHONICS + COLORS for kids + CLAW GAME surprise eggs! Kindergarten Learning Videos

Join Lotty on a fun ABC PHONICS- kindergarten Learning video adventure at the arcade! Watch Lotty try to win surprise eggs as she plays the claw game! In this lesson Lotty teaches the ABC phonics / letter sounds with picture associations, along with Capital and lowercase letters. She even learns the different color names.

Your little one will soon realize how much fun ABC phonics can be! It’s never too early to introduce your children to ABC reading concepts. At, we believe every child deserves the tools needed for reading success.

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Lotty Learns is a preschool learning channel and website that offers ABC Phonics videos along with other subjects for kids. Everything is designed to give every child a jumpstart in their education. Our system is designed to let children progress through lessons at their own pace, while they learn basic ABC Phonics reading fundamentals in a fun and engaging way.

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