Automation Game Tutorial on How to Build your first car.

In this video i will be showing you a Tutorial on How to play Automation the car company tycoon game + how to make a car the correct way in a detailed way step by step.

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27 thoughts on “Automation Game Tutorial on How to Build your first car.”

  1. no wonder my cars are always so expensive… im here using like aluminum and glued aluminum for panels and chassis materials xD

  2. Absolutely fantastic tutorial! I learned so much about each component. And don’t worry about the length. There’s so much stuff to cover in this game that you need a long video. I would’ve watched it even if it was twice as long. Thanks for dedicating your time to it!

  3. I think some cars use standard steel.

    While I'm at some mall, I saw alot of cars [like a Ford Transit-based JMC van, a Subaru WRX, and more]. I came to check some specs of some cars. When I came to the Toyota Innova/Kijang, I asked one of the staff if the chassis or panels are made of corrosion-resistant steel. He said that, the body is [probably] made of corrosion-resistant steel, but the chassis made of standard steel. He said that it needs some kind of stainless protector that prevents it from rusting.

  4. Just one thing on compression.

    Compression ratio is not how close the piston gets to the valves. It is a ratio of space. Let's say the fully open piston chamber is 10 inches. That would give you a start of ten. If the piston compresses the space down to 1 inch, it has compressed it to 1. 10 being the start and one being the final compression. Ie 10 to 1

  5. i wish there was an tab for tweaking your EFI and your ESC. sure you can manually tweak your traction rate and abs rate with manual editing camso files. but an interface for really custom tailor your computer chip would be awesome.


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