Automation Lite Campaign V4.0 Tutorial

An overview of the LCV4.0 and how to get started with it, assuming a decent knowledge of how to build cars and engines in the game.

0:00 Introduction
0:44 Campaign Setup
1:57 Gameplay Loop
3:00 AI Car Generator
3:29 Target Demographic
4:00 Competitiveness & Affordability
4:55 Chassis Factory Requirements
6:28 Engineering Time
6:48 Competitiveness Compromise
7:06 Engines, Contracts & Factories
7:57 Demographics Info & Competitors
9:34 Engineering Summary Table
10:36 Car Model & Trims
12:11 Factory & Required Add-Ons
12:58 Other Add-Ons
13:46 Trims & Production Flags
14:58 Factory Setup & Condition
19:30 Engineering Setup
23:33 Engine Setup
24:38 Engine Engineering & Sign-Off
25:53 Project Financing / Loans
26:31 Engine Pricing Options
28:07 Forecasting Tool
31:26 Project Summary Page
32:52 Project Sign-Off Screen
33:32 Campaign Hub & Finances
35:34 Facelifts & Familiarity
37:27 Facelifts & Factories
38:02 Facelifts & Engineering
38:23 Facelifting Engines
40:26 Facelift Forecast & Sign-Off
41:14 Hub & Stock Management
42:15 Dealerships
43:35 Awareness & Marketing
45:27 Markets, Awareness, Competitiveness
47:12 Research & Development
48:03 Finances Page
48:43 Final Thoughts

Automation – The Car Company Tycoon Game
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44 thoughts on “Automation Lite Campaign V4.0 Tutorial”

  1. Hey man! First of great game and great video tutorial. I would like ask that you make a continuation of the v4 campaign tutorial, because unfortunately I run into problems pretty much right where the video ends. Specifically for me, I can’t assign a new engine factory to build a new engine no matter what. Thanks for making such an awesome game!

  2. Hi, I have some question for meaby new update.

    1. Are we going to have new engine (VR, W, rotary, eletric engine) and have New tipe of engine (sigle, 2 online/boxer/V, V-4, boxer-10/12)

    2. New tipe of vehicle (3 and 6 wheeler, tank trails, anf for fun float version)

    3. We could have interior uptade (meaby family, sport, none, luxury and more) and can swich from old model of body to new, and inversely

    I hope some of them can be add like new engine (eletric, VR, W, 2 cylinder)

  3. I think this entire UE4 transition was a distraction and the "lite" campaign has just drawn attention to how unfinished the vast majority of this game is (perhaps intentionally). I was a super early backer, well before Steam, but there just isn't much to this game that wasn't already here back in 2015 or so.

    The game doesn't look that much better (and lets be honest, this is never going to be a great looking game), but it seems the core mechanics have been all but forgotten. Does anyone really want to mess around with a few sliders (which are a terrible way to manipulate small numbers but that's a different topic) just to get some arbitrary but entirely repeatable numbers to go up or down? I realize the campaign is a work in progress, but ignoring that for the moment, the core activity of building engines for cars should have gotten better over the last 5 years, and it hasn't. You just cheese the sliders and the potato AI, then watch those arbitrary numbers change, until you get bored and realize what a waste of time it is.

    I like the idea of a car tycoon game, and I've tried both GearCity and Production Line, both of which have problems, but are actually pretty fun to play.

    GearCity: Trash UI, but they're much closer to a "car company" game, and the process of designing, manufacturing, and selling cars is immensely more enjoyable. Its also about 10x as deep already, and simulates ~100 years of automotive history; or at least it might, if the UI wasn't such shit.

    Production Line: Building cars is the game, kind of like "The Goal" in that you manage the factory itself, and try to optimize around it.

  4. It would be very cool if the game had detailed and functional interiors and lets have the ability to change what the interior looks like, kinda like how we have the different little slots for the headlight and tailight and grill etc,…….. please

  5. my competitiwnes was 500 and i did't know why my fabric from building this car was generating loss in any settings, well i know now heh

  6. Hey Automation game, I Absolutely love this game. I’ve wanted it for so long and I’ve even played the demo, but one thing that’s strange to me is that in the older versions (like the demo), the models for the engines and intakes looked a lot better, and you could even customize the valve covers. Will these be making a comeback in a later version of the game?

  7. This helped me a lot as the menu can get confusing and does the automation dev team have any plans on new engines or forced induction options?

  8. I wonder who came up with the settings on this game. It would never take 4 plus years to develop a car at that time. Henry Kaiser started a company in 1945 and was building cars in 1946. The prices are also crazy as well. There wasn't a car sold in the United States for over $10,000 until the Continental Mark II came out in 1956.

  9. Hey, will you make a race engine campaign? Such as imposing regulations like displacements, boost, bore/stroke, RPM etc. and we design around those regulations to make a race engine.
    And this could be expanded more by suspension and aero design for the complete package. Maybe even material science skills points or whatnot.

  10. whats up with the voice, its like Killrob found a new time stretch tool, or hes playing with Voice AI noise filter 😛

  11. this looks like a game with much potential, say ksp for cars. the devs can do so much with this like add trucks or tanks etc.

  12. Why it's so complicated? 🤔

    You must be a Nuclear-Physics Enginner with minimum 50 years of practice in NASA in order to understand only one of those screens…and they are thousands of them!!! 😖

    Put your s*@t together for f*@k sake!!! 😡

  13. Great, very helpful! I think the main obstacle I have with the game at the moment (I bought it last week) is what the numbers mean. For instance: the presenter mixed up weeks and months in this video, IIRC: it was 52 weeks when planning the first version of the car, but for the update it was suddenly in months. But the tables in-game do not specify any units.
    Furthermore, almost every screen has a multitude of stats on it, but it isn't clear which ones are important. That's what this tutorial is for, of course, so yeah, it was very helpful.
    Great game, looking forward to spending a lot of hours.

  14. This game in unplayable after the first car, until you somehow implement the ability to built multiple car lines in one factory, and multiple engine families in one factory; and make it so you can build different types of factories (engine and car) on the same plot. The flexibility to get a car company past "the premium trim" or whatever is not here, a decade in. 🙁

    I also think engine families make no sense; the way I can't make a family of inline engines with 4, 5, or 6 cylinders; the way I can't make a larger variant than the initial one in a family. Are the people who made this game even aware of the history of cars being built??

  15. I only played the campaign on the keen engine, might give it a shot on the unreal when the turbo revamp comes around =D

  16. Great tutorial. And btw the in game tutorial video is not updated yet
    And my suggestions for the actual gameplay is to eventually put in an option where we can choose to have the game end either when its supposed to, or never, giving us infinite time. Also to allow us to decide how many of a certain trim we want to make, like for instance how the Ford GT Mk II is limited to 45 units

  17. I know it's a long way to go until Automation is finished, but could your Project after Automation be something with the same game mechanics but you have to make planes or ships ?
    I think it would be as good as Automation.

  18. Super useful tutorial, I now understand the difference between PU an ET (maybe I'm dumb but I think it's not clear enough ingame) wich was something I struggled to grasp before, same with the profit forcast stuff and the automation slider

  19. When you constantly build ~150-200 competitiveness cars but suck so hard at tycooning that you go bankrupt anyway 9/10 times. Feelsbadman

  20. I think part of the reason I have a hard time enjoying the campaign is that aside from seeing your money go up, it feels like there's no real sense of progression or reward, especially after all the work you've done to make a fantastically efficient and successful company. There's no feeling of accomplishment or thoughts of I made it, if you follow what I'm saying. I'm not sure if this is constructive but I figured I would just drop my 2 cent.

  21. Way too complicated. Like having a huge excel with lots of macros, which a 70 year old build over the last 10 years. And now YOU have to continue to work with it.
    That's what it looks and feels like. Not fun at all. The car/engine building part was fun for a limited amount of time.

  22. I have a question regarding the game, is there any difference when it comes to content inside of the game between directx11 and directx10?

  23. I think you guys bit off more than you can chew, this game has been in development for years. Not to mention it's been in pre release for 5 years on Steam and still costs $30. At this point the game (if it was released in 2015) would already be on discount for being so old.


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