Automation Tutorial: Making your first car, Export to

A guide and how to design your first car in Automation to get you started quickly.
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38 thoughts on “Automation Tutorial: Making your first car, Export to”

  1. Just like to say…!
    I absolutely am grateful that you guys created this very detailed and addicting game.
    I've always wanted to create engines and vehicles in a game for so long. What I would love to see is that either Microsoft (Forza Motorsport) or Sony(Gran Turismo) actually collaborate or even licence your tech to he included in their games.
    Now that would be a dream come true!
    Thanks again guys, you are my heros!

  2. Could you guys make it where you could import cars from beamng drive or at least the bodies of beamng drive cars

  3. So, I'm having a problem with exported vehicles in BeamnNG. I've made my first car and exported it, but in game it shows up as the body is invisible. Any tips?

  4. What teh actual F… I didn't know until right now that I could use Automation to create BeamNG cars…. I have been in a cave, LOOKS LIKE you guys get my money.

  5. There’s a problem. When i.e a track car is being built, the game will pretend to use a 28 year old pansy as the driver. Like i could careless that my Group C car is uncomfortable.

  6. Now this is AWESOME!!!! INGENIOUS!!! If I really want to bring my Hot Wheels cars to life, THIS IS THE BEST GAME TO DO THAT!!! I CAN SEE IT NOW, RECREATING MY HOT WHEELS CARS IN AUTOMATION!! I swear to God that once I get my hands on this game, I'm gonna bring my collection to life!!!

  7. Im having an issue. When I export my car to beamng drive it appears with all the details like lights and badges half rendered so it looks really odd but that's not the biggest problem the tires pop on some and the engine sound is very quiet or not there at all. I know I'm doing something wrong but what, idk.

  8. I like that game because you can make a cool car or a van I made a van called a satnav spider because I chose the spider logo on my van and I chose the datsun 100a which is in the car body menu is cool it had that shape car because it's my favourite car brilliant game to import you custom built vehicle's in the game 👍 one issue no interior but I don't mind that it will probably be in the update in the future

  9. i am having the issue where my car is working fine, but the export to beamng drive button is gray and does not work

  10. just got the game and started watching this. I will say the humor is great for staying to the point. It might not be for everyone but the video gets the job done and made me very excited to dive right in!. Thanks ( Regular Car Reviews had a plug for this game on their NZ videos a while back) I originally got this because I was looking for "How to import cars" for , super fun!

  11. I cant seem to figure out how you increase and decrease the size of objects like the headlights taillights grille etc if someone knows how please comment.

  12. I made a boxer 6 cylinder 700hp turbocharged suv with fwd becuz automation said it would understeer with awd but with fwd its even worse. Thanks


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