Battle Masters Battle Report

The Esoteric Order of Gamers ( release their inner nine year olds to play Battle Masters by Games Workshop and Milton Bradley. Hold on to your stomachs, there’s a lot of hand-held camera work in this one!

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Intro music by Peter Miller. Used with permission.


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28 thoughts on “Battle Masters Battle Report”

  1. I have this game and I think what hurt it was the size of the board. You either needed a really big table or a floor to play on.

  2. The real reason that GW had this pulled was that Warhammer players where buying this to fill up their armies. Still today the value here is stupid. I have four or five sets. Can't get enough. Soon my plans of world domination will be complete. Muhuhahaha!

  3. Do you know about the games from "Dark World"?
    It's at least 3 games (valley, village, castle), more like "Hero Quest", also from the good old 90s, and you could kinda combine them to 1 big adventure…

  4. Has anyone heard of, or come up with any reasonable rule mods for a slightly advanced version? If so, please email me.

  5. "You know what? This is better than Warhammer Fantasy Battle!" Now I think I know why support for this game was discontinued. I'd like to play it myself too, one day…

  6. I played this with a nephew when the game first came out and he mentioned it recently. He wondered why I didn't keep it (I gave it to him actually when he was still very young, lol.). Just received a complete copy from Amazon, purchased at a premium price. We will be playing it together again the next time we get together.

  7. Man, this game rocks. Even made it to Germany. A friend of mine had this and we had great fun playing. I was SO happy when I found this at a flea market, two years or so ago. I glued everything in and bought some magnets to magnetise the banners, so they don't break off (but haven't done all banners yet). I remembered how the flags were the one thing always breaking off and my copy is still in perfect condition. Want to keep it that way. I also got the expansions.

    I implore you guys to make another battle report! Pleeaase 😀 And with expansions this time. That's 3 (THREE) ogres and two cannons! I had great fun watching this.

  8. Fantastic battle report guys, tho it has made me want the game myself now so I'm not sure if I should thank you or not!

  9. Worked for me, Half my first empire army was made of from my Battlemaster minis and after a 10 year brake I'm still collecting GW today.
    I don't know if its because I live in the states and actually grew up in a town with a Milton BRadley factory but it was pretty common when I was a kid.

  10. I have Battle Masters orcs on the painting table as I watch. Took me 12 years, but I'm finally painting my set. Great video! The game is a blast, and a great introduction to new players.


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