Battle Masters – Board James (Episode 15)

Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. James Rolfe and Mike Matei look in the board game closet and find one of the largest board games on the market: Battle Masters. Created by Milton Bradley, this strategic war game is one large behemoth. However, is this game simply too much for the two guys to handle? Well, there’s only one way to know; by watching the video. Warning: couch moving and confusing rule explaining are all included in the package. Buckle your seatbelts.

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29 thoughts on “Battle Masters – Board James (Episode 15)”

  1. Why would they go through the trouble of seeing how many game boards can fit this one and then not say how many they used?!?!?!? That drives me crazy!!!

  2. Battle Masters is a pretty easy game. Hero Quest is friggen great. You guys should probably stick with checkers as you said. LOL

  3. Wayy less complicated than they make it out to be by far. Played it as a kid, own it still actually, lots of fun. Never had so much struggle with the tower either or it falling apart lol. If a 10 year old can figure it out in like 5-10min, i think you'll be fine.

  4. This game is actually a simplified, children's spin-off of the tabletop wargame Warhammer: Fantasy Battles, or so I heard. It even uses the same armies – The Empire, and Chaos, here also including the non-Chaos Orcs and Goblins and Ogre Kingdoms factions.


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