BattleMasters with the Gang!

On a bloody field outside the empire of Lasercornia, two mighty armies face off! The CHAOS ARMY, commanded by Noah and Mari seeks to wipe out the IMPERIAL ARMY led by Wes and Jovenshire. Who will emerge victorious from this bloody conflict?

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35 thoughts on “BattleMasters with the Gang!”

  1. I remember playing this with my dad when I was a kid, it was a great time! We later moved to warhammer fantasy and have played ever since!

  2. based off of the roll results, mari should have been the attack roller and noah should have been the defense roller

  3. so I decided to rewatch this video and man, watching the amount of confidence, pride, and energy Mari and Noah had in the beginning fade away slowly, knowing their kingdom is about to fall apart, makes me really…. HAPPY, cuz I've been rooting for squirrel punch since the beginning 😂 (but I also felt bad)

  4. This is great, add one to the board games I would like them to play again (heroquest (next quests), dnd, and now battlemasters). Would be interesting if they do in fact make a new game with similar mechanics (add some new units too if you can)

  5. I feel like Noah should become apart of ne6 but like….so you dont have to change the name just call him a permanent guest

  6. I used a couple sets of this game to start my warhammer fantasy chaos army and my friend his empire army back in the day.


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