Blockade Runner – Destruction Demonstation

Reminder: Portions of the video area a visualization, emphasize “not in game”! (read more below)

After a long hiatus on videos, we demonstrate one of the systems we’re focusing on this year now that the ship systems have our undivided attention (see the Battle Plan article below in the description.), as well as explain a bit of the reasoning behind the months of work we’ve put into plating, angles, and prefabs.

Next video on the list is a visualization of the power-line systems, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for the next major update to Blockade Runner!

Article regarding the battle plan:


Our Mission Statement:

Blockade Runner has been in development for over a year, and is the beginning of a Multiplayer First Person Adventure game inspired by our childhood with legos and games such as EV: Nova, Pirates, Star Fox, Shadows of the Empire, Tie Fighter, GoldenEye, as well as both Zach Barth’s Infiniminer (which proved to us the game is technically possible), and Markus “Notch” Persson’s Minecraft, having proved unequivocally that endurance and community could allow a unique vision to blossom.

The game will be a mashup of individual characters inhabiting fully destructible, functional, and living starships, where you and your friends explore, build, fight, and survive a universe filled with galactic conquest! Every chunk of your ship’s rusted mass will matter: a single severed utility line could be the difference between victory or defeat, and using our proprietary “Liquid Cubed” algorithm the vacuum of space will at all times be a continual threat with only mere bulkheads seperating you from the endless void!

Developing Blockade Runner is a 7 days a week, full-time passion for us to ensure we deliver on what we’ve promised. Our minds are set on building something that truly stands on its own, and is one of the reasons why we`re building the engine from scratch rather than using out-of-the-box solutions. With Blockade Runner we hope to bring together the best of the game mechanics we grew up on during 80-90’s with what’s now possible in the 21st century.

About ZanMgt:

A one of a kind six sibling studio of indie game developers building games together since childhood. With years of experience and a passion for the work, we’re excited to be a part of the indie game community!

Special Thanks:

We’d like to thank both Zach Barth for inspiring us with Infiniminer, and Markus “Notch” Persson for creating Minecraft; without either of which Blockade Runner would not exist

Blockade Runner is currently being developed for the PC and is a custom built engine using XNA as a renderer.


Community Forums:

Developer IRC Chat:

IndieDB Page:

ZanMgt’s Liquid Cubed Tech Demo:


Music “nibiru rising” by Samuel “SMH” Huse

Music “Meditation” by Whitaker Blackall

Music “Dark-Line Spectrum” by Frank “Skyrunner” Scheffel

Logo’s reflection painting by Ajda Gregorcic


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29 thoughts on “Blockade Runner – Destruction Demonstation”

  1. So im viewing this video again after like 3 years and wonder where this game is at, at this point?
    I remember i played like a prototype where i could build some ships and then fly them but havent checked the game out after that.

  2. i noticed how much competition this game is going to get. with space engineers…. well.. space engineers is really it.

  3. ZanMgt. Please make a gamemode called blockade wars. There would be like huge space battles like in starwars and other movies. There would be like 30 players in a match!

  4. why not do the dissolving hull technique from star trek: bridge commander. just throwing a thought out there. looks great, this also reminds of of halo 2. keep up the good work.

  5. Got 1:30 into the video before I began throwing money at the screen. This looks amazing, I'm gonna buy this as soon as I get around to robbing a bank for some money.

  6. you should not have it deteriorate then after the fight you can send a salvaging team to go harvest the other pieces that would be kinda cool

  7. These guys code so slow….
    BTW all textures suck! Cant you have a bit more cleaner and sleeker textures, instead of grey dull metal coloured stuff. I know there are shaceships and this is how they actually look like but this is a video game. It is supposed to look pretty.

  8. oh, I thought after seeing minecraft on there that the possibility would at least exist. sorry for the trouble XD

  9. It depends on the size of the pieces. The one thing we don't want is a large section of ship floating *inside* of a ship, for performance reasons. Said section of ship will probably try and get kicked out of the ship if possible, or just deteriorate.

  10. Sweet….Once the Power System Update comes out, I'll be able to Remake the First scene in ME2 where Shepards ship gets attacked! SWEET!


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