Blue Whale Game Challenge | How To Stay SAFE in INDIA | Don't DOWNLOAD IT | HINDI

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Blue Whale Game Challenge is a Death Game which is popular everywhere in INDIA.
This video is about how you can be SAFE & STAY AWAY from this GAME & never download this game from any website links on your mobile phone.

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Queries Solved:
1) What is Blue Whale Game
2) How to complete Blue Whale Game Challenge in India
3) How to download & install Blue Whale GAME
4) How to Stay Safe from This Blue Whale Challenge
5) List of 50 Tasks of Blue Whale Game in Hindi
6) APK Download Link of this Blue Whale Game is not SAFE
7) Different Names are: Silent House, Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM, Blue Whale Game & a sea of Whale

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42 thoughts on “Blue Whale Game Challenge | How To Stay SAFE in INDIA | Don't DOWNLOAD IT | HINDI”

  1. But it is back again I don't if it is available on paly store or app store but it is backkkk by Jonathan galindo he can hack us mostly discord, Roblox or Instagram. do not follow or let him follow you. Just by
    saying wanna play a game or I wanna tell u something DO NOT respond or block or else they can track down your ip address. I wanted to warn you guys:-)


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