Blue Whale Game – The Killer Game – Stay Away!!!

Hello Everyone.. This is a only funny video.
“Please do not try,This. Is not actually played, it’s only entertainment purpose. it is drama “..

this video is not dangerous and also it’s not content “inherent risk of serious physical harm of death”
When any time any people sawing our video they will be can’t playing “blue whale” game.& Also they will not demotivate after watching our video.
Note:Don’t play this game seriously……

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38 thoughts on “Blue Whale Game – The Killer Game – Stay Away!!!”

  1. Good speach. This game give little push to suicide for people with social problems and already in a mind of suicide. Because a person with depression cant do any thing. Even they cant eat. This kind of game is the only thing goes with there present thinking pattern. Other people  take this as a joke.  Those who  suicide don't know the difficulty to born  as a human. Those how died now enjoy their life as a ghost for another million years…


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