Board Game Battle Royale – 80s Movies

Roy, Mark, & Bryan host a Battle Royale bracket of 80s movies this time selected by you! and you choose the winners live! Fight!

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22 thoughts on “Board Game Battle Royale – 80s Movies”

  1. I agreed with round one results mostly. I would have picked Clue over Spaceballs, but that’s ok. However, how dare the voters leave Die Hard behind?! Imo Die Hard is one a top 5 movie of all time and it can’t even get past round 1? Infuriated. Good job hosting though guys.

  2. btw… Huey Lewis wrote both songs he had in Back to the Future (The Power of Love and Back in Time) specifically for the movie. He even has a cameo in the movie, if you remember… as the teacher who tells Marty's band (the Pinheads), "I'm afraid yer just too darned loud." when they were trying out for the Battle of the Bands. LOL Extra funny is that the song they were playing was The Power of Love. 😉

  3. For a new board game bracket topic, how about best board games that are considered HYBRID games? Hybrid games are getting huge in the past few years…. and pull in fans from all areas. 🙂 Maybe call it "Games that Blur the Line" or something?

  4. Awww! So bummed that I managed to miss the topic I even recommended! lol I love talking movies… and the 80s was a killer decade for classic movies. Raiders is probably forever my all-time favorite movie, but I can't be upset that Empire won… because I love it almost as much. 🙂

  5. Straight up this is a difficult challenge, they aren't even grouped by genre, which makes this very difficult to compar. All great films, they are all winners!!!

  6. Some matchups were difficult to judge. #1 might be a better overall movie, but #2 was pure "80s" cinema and will never be recreated.

  7. What is going on… Ferris Buller over The Labyrinth and Back to the Future over The Goonies… No, that is just WRONG.

  8. Harrison Ford vs. Harrison Ford or Indiana Jones vs. Han Solo or Lightsaber vs Whip! You should pick Board Game Content Creators Number One Games!

  9. right now, my favorite Star Wars "movie" would be the 4 episode Siege of Mandalore arc that just aired at the end of Clone Wars….just sayin

  10. E moire should’ve never been put in the pool!!!!! Any Star Wars movie will destroy any bracket you put it in!!!!!!

  11. Come on. You have the cover for the original Alien but you're talking about the sequel Aliens. That mistake probably contributed to some of the confusion in that one poll.


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