Board Game Horror Movies – Parody Trailer HD

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Board Game Horror Movies – Parody Trailer HD

When you’re done watching Ouija in theaters, get ready for the next 20 years of board game based horror with our new original teaser trailer! Family Game Night has never been scarier!

Click here for the actual trailers, clips, and more from “Ouija”:


“Deadzone Five” by Open Conspiracy – Extreme Music Library

“Pipeline (Ambient)” from Underscores 2 – Extreme Music Library

“Kill Room” from Psychological Horror – Extreme Music Library

“Gang with no Name” by Tex Mex – Extreme Music Library

“Fifth Wheel (Ambient)” from Underscores 2 – Extreme Music Library

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21 thoughts on “Board Game Horror Movies – Parody Trailer HD”

  1. Many, many Cthulhu-mythos and zombie games could qualify, for example,Dead of Winter or Carnival Zombie.

  2. I must have watched this loads of times now since the weekend, it's brilliant. Even though it's a parody, all of the films mentioned would actually make great horror films. Although 'A Game Of Life' and 'Scrabble' might end up being long winded 😉


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