Crystal Palace 4p Teaching, Play-through, & Round table by Heavy Cardboard

Are you interested in learning how to play Crystal Palace? Here is your chance! Edward, from Heavy Cardboard, teaches you how to play in this video.

Later, he is joined by friends for a full-game play-through. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

0:41 Video start
1:09 Intro
4:53 Teach
52:36 Game start
56:09 Round 1 (1849) – Choosing dice values
58:55 Round 1 (1849) – Planning
1:08:45 Round 1 (1849) – Resolving
1:17:05 Round 1 (1849) – Salaries
1:17:26 Round 1 (1849) – Converting Pattents
1:19:13 Round 1 (1849) – Income
1:20:30 Round 1 (1849) – Preparation
1:22:13 Round 2 (1849) – Choosing dice values
1:27:00 Round 2 (1849) – Planning
1:47:11 Round 2 (1849) – Resolving
1:53:29 Round 2 (1849) – Salaries
1:53:46 Round 2 (1849) – Converting Pattents
1:55:09 Round 2 (1849) – Income
1:56:05 Round 2 (1849) – Preparation
1:57:27 Round 3 (1850) – Choosing dice values
2:00:59 Round 3 (1850) – Planning
2:12:19 Round 3 (1850) – Resolving
2:26:52 Round 3 (1850) – Salaries
2:28:09 Round 3 (1850) – Converting Pattents
2:30:20 Round 3 (1850) – Income
2:31:43 Round 3 (1850) – Preparation
2:34:01 Round 4 (1850) – Choosing dice values
2:39:36 Round 4 (1850) – Planning
2:50:55 Round 4 (1850) – Resolving
2:59:42 Round 4 (1850) – Salaries
3:01:09 Round 4 (1850) – Converting Pattents
3:07:24 Round 4 (1850) – Income
3:09:40 Round 4 (1850) – Preparation
3:11:29 Round 5 (1851) – Choosing dice values
3:15:30 Round 5 (1851) – Planning
3:24:29 Round 5 (1851) – Resolving
3:31:21 Round 5 (1851) – Salaries
3:32:19 Round 5 (1851) – Converting Pattents
3:37:09 Round 5 (1851) – Income
3:39:08 Final scoring
3:42:34 And the winner is…
3:43:02 Roundtable
4:06:18 Outro

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20 thoughts on “Crystal Palace 4p Teaching, Play-through, & Round table by Heavy Cardboard”

  1. Preparing to play this at the weekend for the first time. Have to say I'm really loving this so far.

    At 1:28:00 Edward starts loving on the mechanic of where you're placing your dice. It reminds me very much of The Artemis Project – has Heavy Cardboard looked at this before?

  2. 24:10 Dropping one administrator down doesn't have to be in addition to your administrator action but can be done every time you place a die in phase 2.

  3. Per the rule book it looks like you can move your assistant down on the black market track with every dice placement in phase 2 not just if the dice placement spot had an assistant icon above it. Great teach though.

  4. Still trying to figure out what differentiates this from other dice placements on the market – thought the economic aspect would be more relevant, with some kind of "funding" on the projects, investment, etc. Anyway, awesome teaching that allowed me to be prepared to teach it tomorrow on game night. Thanks a bunch!
    BTW, someone could explain what is this whole "Glory to Home" thing they mention sometimes, and that whiteboard? (I know it is an epic game, but… ?)

  5. "I don't even smoke, and I still want a cigarette" says it all.

    I love how it doesn't matter if a card or tile or "share" etc would be hypothetically overpowered, because everyone has the same chance to compete for them (given also that the turn order is not written in stone). You're not handed anything. And the tension is really juicy in all of phases 1-3 actually – when you set the dice, when you place them and when you choose the "rewards". Game has to pick up steam pretty soon. Has to.

  6. Great teach! Love seeing Derek on the show too! This was my most exciting pick up from Essen. Can't wait to get it to the table.

  7. Se ve muy complicado y poco elegante para ser otro juego de colocación de trabajadores. It looks very complicated and inelegant to be another worker placement game

  8. Capstone Game? Check. Never see anything about the game? Check. Edward makes me buy just like Lignum and Three Kingdoms? Check. Good game HC!

  9. Wow! What a game! I can really see why Edward liked it. It's not for me though, I think. I'm looking for heavier games with more player interaction, but let's see how Die Macher fares for now… 🙂

  10. Love, Love, Love dice/worker placement mechanisms!!! And the prioritization drama during the placement stage is great intensity…..Jess’ Ugg’s, moan’s, groan’s = about 4-5 GTR’s each time around….lol

  11. First look wasn't that interesting, but the agonizing decisions with assigning pips, how it affects turn order and where to use them was really great. The different board sizes are triggering my OCD though.

  12. Not really a fan of dice placement games but on the other hand it does look really good. Definitely one to check out at Essen


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