Debunked: How to Play

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Hey all, I hope you’re well! Here’s a video that I should’ve created over a week ago! It’s a breakdown of how to play the game. It’s very simplified, but I’m sure it’ll convey the core mechanics.


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33 thoughts on “Debunked: How to Play”

  1. Starting to look complicated.

    Years ago I thought about printing cards that I could hand to Theists , or lay on the table as we debated.

    " You used the Argument from Ignorance "
    Oh , now you have tried to shift the burden of proof to me.

    Maybe I would have 10 or 12 cards, and if I manged to play them all …. I would end the Debate : ) – Give my opponent the cards saying something like
    " You can keep those if you want ! "

  2. This atheist seems so obsessed with calling everything a fallacy that he even made a card game for all the fallacies he loves to use as excuses… I wonder how many times he has fallen for “the fallacy fallacy” and I doubt that the fallacy fallacy would be in his deck of cards, because he probably does not even know about it and probably never uses it… The fallacy fallacy is a logical fallacy that occurs when someone assumes that if an argument contains a logical fallacy, then its conclusion must necessarily be wrong.

  3. Anyone know how/when I can order the game if I didn't support on Kickstarter? I'm a bit late to finding out about this but I'd like to throw my (atheist club's) money at it

  4. I missed the kickstarter for this. I see a mention on prepurchasers but I don't see how to do that. I might be just blind but can someone point me to how I can sign up for this game?

  5. Maybe have a card called 'Self-Defeating,' which says, 'Return all of target player's Fallacy cards to their owner's hand.'
    The flavor text at the bottom could say, 'If my brain came about by the mindless, unguided natural processes of evolution by natural selection, that had no intention of bringing my brain into existence, then I have no reason to believe anything is true, including the belief that my brain came about by evolution.'

  6. So.. is this intended to be sarcastic? I am not sure I understand the premise here but I am sure that you have exposed yourself again. Gotta be more careful when playing this game in the way that you do Sir. There are mastered spotters on the board.

  7. I like the concept but It seems there are more perfunctory rules about drawing and swapping of cards than discussion of or reflection on the arguments and fallacies.

  8. i would create also a Nazi card. this card allows you to shout to your opponent "you're a nazi" when left without other arguments. love your game <3

  9. I don't think this does a very good job of explaining the game… From the start, we don't know the win conditions, we don't know what cards are available or what a player can do on their turn and, (for me) most importantly, you don't explain why fallacy cards are playable (explain the fallacy) or what it takes to 'defeat' an argument. I'm REALLY excited for this game and have been stoking it to my friends! I hope the instructions for the game make all of this clear, perhaps including a chart of valid fallacies for arguments with the reasons for each. Ambiguity and confusion would ruin a game like this.

  10. Hey, I’ve been pouring all my money into trying to get my book off the ground since November and I haven’t had any to spend on anything but the necessities. The life of a struggling writer is a thankless existence, especially for one who criticizes many subjects that are considered mainstream and advocates many subjects that are considered taboo.

    I see that the Kickstarter period has ended but I’d still like to buy the game and support an fellow debunker of bad arguments. Is there any way to do that or am I just shit out of luck?

    Regardless, your channel is awesome, so are you and your game is still guaranteed to be fun.


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