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32 thoughts on “DEBUNKED is done! IT'S LINEN!”

  1. I love seeing people enjoying things they genuinely care about and have worked hard for. What a good guy with great videos always appreciated and enjoyed I hope to be getting a copy in the near future.

  2. The first video I watched, you were pitching this. 5 seconds later I watched this video and the project was done. From my perspective you delivered the game instantaneously. I’ve just witnessed a miracle. Are you a God? Are you the unmoved first mover? (Can you guess which video I watched first?).

  3. Congratulations! On a side note could you considered doing something similar for veganism and all the dumb questions carnists put to vegans?

  4. I am a new subscriber and not a native speaker. I was very confused in the stream when you talked about "linen", because I didn't know the word. I thought it was a color or something.

  5. Congratulations on a finished project. let us know in another video when the game will be available to order for us that´s not part of the kickstarter project.

  6. Hi Steve! Could you perhaps add a brief description to the video about how to purchase debunked? I couldn't find information on your website, so I assumed that the only way to receive the board game is by supporting you on kickstarted? Is that correct? Anyhow, I can't wait to try playing it with my friends

  7. omg thx god for headphones the noises you made, do you realise that some of us small kids, also it will be difficult to describe to my wife what the F i am watching XD

  8. Very sorry to hear about your dad. Been there and know how hard it can be. Time helps but… I am retired and on a fixed income however, this game is number one on my list for unnecessary purchases. I am looking forward to playing with the extended family. Please take the time you need. The guardians of truth will gladly wait.

  9. That is something I would translate to Portuguese (BR or PT) for free — and I know a couple of awesome individuals who would do it too.


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