E7 Piano Chord | E (major) 7th. + Inversions Tutorial + FREE Chord Chart

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E7 Piano Chord | E7 (major) 7th. 4-note Chord (Tetrad) and how to do inversions of the chord.

From the chord symbol E7 we get this information:

E is the root note – The basis that gives name to the chord
E7 is a 4-note chord – a tetrad
E7 is a major chord
E7 is a 7th. chord

Because E7 is a 4-note chord, a tetrad, it also has four different inversions. An inversion means that once you have found the 4 notes of your chord – it doesn’t matter which note is at the top of the chord, in the middle of the chord – or in the bottom of the chord. As long as you only use the same four notes – it’s still the same chord.

E7 Piano Chord- Root inversion (Root note at the bottom of the chord): E – G# – B – D

E7 Piano Chord – 1st. inversion : G# – B – D – E

E7 Piano Chord- 2nd. inversion : B – D – E – G#

E7 Piano Chord – 2nd. inversion : D – E – G# – B

E7 chord is the first chord of the E Dominant (Major flat 7) scale – Notes in the scale are:
E – F# – G# – A – B – C# – D – E

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