EASY BLORP – Weight Gain Game

Pudgy pony time!
The aim of Easy Blorp is to fatten up Claire the pony by catching the delicious delicacies that fall and avoid the dreaded vegetables! HAve you got what it takes to plump up a pony?

Game created by Dufel:
Can be played here:

SquirrelGirlDGT art by:


Nguồn: https://vestingpoint.com/

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29 thoughts on “EASY BLORP – Weight Gain Game”

  1. Just for the record: I played Hard Mode, got 101 (the minimum to beat it) and there's no additional reward, bit of a kick in the teeth, considering the difficulty. The hitbox is wonky as hell, and you're more than likely to be hit by bad food (aka broccoli) regardless of how hard you try to avoid it-and it spawns in multiples, in spacings that can really screw you (not just 2 close together or in quick succession, but also two spaced out a fair bit, but just close enough that when you position your pony perfectly between the 2, they both hit, even though they look like they should both miss!)

  2. you can play this game http://www.mediafire.com/file/2fbfgu6jfk602xn/The_Inflator_Man_The_Game_Final_Win.7z/file

  3. These types off 'collect falling items' fat-games are surprisingly common. Reminds of 'Martas Feast' from 'Tight Games'. Simple but fun. The art isn't as pretty in that game though. But can be VERY challenging.

  4. I…I tried joining your discord, but it sent me to something where I need to make a new account, it doesn’t add your server to my already made account

  5. 0:15 lol I don't want no damn vegetables https://youtu.be/8ZP3AXgdkq0
    Gameplay is like feed usagi (sailor Moon) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.whitebunny.usagifeed


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