Ep 68: Battle Masters Board Game Review (Milton Bradley 1992)

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A review on how to play the board game Battle Masters. This is one of the largest boards games produced.

Battle Masters is a fantasy miniatures battle game by Milton Bradley, presumably licensed from Games Workshop. The sizeable game box comes stuffed with tons of plastic miniatures, a deck of combat cards and some dice. Players move and fight their armies based upon what card is turned over from the deck. Combat is held on a large vinyl mat 4.5 ft square (Actual Measurements: 55 inches by 57 inches).

From the back of the box:

Welcome to the world of Battle Masters – the epic game where you command mighty armies locked in a legendary conflict of good versus evil!

The noble Imperial Army is ready to meet the Forces of Chaos. You and your opponent must strategically guide 25 army units, featuring over 100 finely-detailed figures, across the gigantic 4 1/2′ X 5′ Battle Mat. Beware! Ditches, marshes, river fords and the great Border Tower lie before you.

The battle unfolds as each turn of a Battle card tells which army units can move and which can attack. Will your army be victorious, or will your opponent destroy you? Who will survive the battle and win the game? The fate of the Empire is decided by you, the Battle Masters! Subscribe to keep up with all the latest reviews and game hunts! #boardgame #ads #ads

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23 thoughts on “Ep 68: Battle Masters Board Game Review (Milton Bradley 1992)”

  1. Seems decent but the size is a little bit of a drawback. Plus not a fan of it being mat instead of a board of some sort

  2. This game looks pretty awesome, wish I was into boardgames back then instead of the crappy commercial ones like Monopoly and Clue!

  3. one of THE most badass and fun swords-n-sorcery board games. **anyone in the Orlando, FL area who wants to play this game please contact me at rottenchaospunx@yahoo.com. thank you

  4. I was trying to remember what this game was. Linked from a video by Board James for Weapons and Warriors. Thanks for jogging my memory.

  5. I remember being so stoked getting this for Xmas the year it came out. I remember setting up all the pieces and all the time it took. Then l realized my Dad accidentally threw away the directions in the trash.

  6. Wow, nostalgic game!
    I had this back in 1992, used to take up me entire bedroom floor. Used to love the Chaos guys.
    Your over all review is fair I guess in regards to the strategy and so on. One thing I feel I ought to mention is that this game is really for kids. Nothing wrong with adults playing it though, but this game was/is the entry level to old Warhammer Fantasy (R.I.P.) and as kids, we used to love it, as it wasn't very complicated.

  7. I remember buying this game about 15 years ago in a swap meet from mexico it cost me like 2 dollars and I can't remember what happened to it

  8. Question: Is your board game collection organized? If yes, tell me where everything is. If not, go to amazon and go to the Toys & Games section and click games, and then go to the left and you see how they organize the games.


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