ESCAPING FROM MR. WHISKERS! – Whiskers – Horror Game (complete)

Hey guys cmodplays here! In this video I will be playing Mr. Whiskers! Today in this video I’ll be playing whiskers also known as Mr. Whiskers! In this game I must escape Mr. Whiskers and hope he doesn’t catch me!
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13 thoughts on “ESCAPING FROM MR. WHISKERS! – Whiskers – Horror Game (complete)”

  1. i really like it but some of the words you said reminded me of when markiplier said when he played the game like when you were talking to the mouse and said "maybe im smarter then to"

  2. Feel like there should be another ending! A kinda good ending…like what if you play through again and keep the gun for yourself seen as you now know the code? Or something like that….surely there is a way to escape? ????


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