Fairy Tail OVA Fairies Penalty Game! Natsu, Makarov, Laxus vs Erza, Elfman Lisanna Gajeel Juvia Cana

Due to the bet they made during the Grand Magic Games, the time has finally come for Team Fairy Tail A and B to decide who will have the privilege to make the other team do whatever they desire, leading to a day’s worth of antics from the two parties.

As both teams surround Makarov, he declares that it’s time for the two teams to decide who will be the victor in the bet. Laxus says they can’t lose, while Erza follows up that they will come out as the victors, with Natsu cheering her on and Lucy and Gray stating their thoughts on the entire ordeal. The two S-Class Mages play a game of rock-paper-scissors; Laxus and Team B coming out victorious, frightening Team A. As Team B expresses their joy in their win, Happy and Carla make comments on the punishment game, with Lily mentioning the two Exceed share the same fate due to their partners being a part of Team A, stunning the two.
Team Natsu searches the swamp for the gem

Team Natsu eventually journeys to a swamp near Magnolia, the Gates of Hell, upon a request from Laxus that there is a Magic Stone that resides in the swamp, ordering the team to retrieve it for him and the others; Elfman staying behind to massage the Lightning Dragon Slayer’s back, much to his dismay. In the cave, Happy begins to drown in the swampy water, with Natsu being irked by Laxus’ trivial demand; him and Gray wanting to fight the latter as they all observe the cave. While Wendy reads the map, Lucy gets attacked by leeches, which Natsu burns them off her skin for her. Just as he did so, they all notice something swimming in the water, appearing to be a much larger-in-size leech attacks Lucy, something Natsu and Gray watch closely, with Natsu later punching it away with Lucy taking the brunt of his attack. Out of nowhere, a monkey attaches himself to Gray, which the Ice Mage tells it to get off him, all the while a gorilla pops out from the forest to attack the team; Gray taking care of the large beast, something which that angers Erza as she takes notice of that she hasn’t been challenged yet. Alligators begin to attack her, which she decisively finishes them off, but not after the rest of Team Natsu points out she slashed the bandages on her clothing, which causes Erza to throw all the creatures at their direction. After overcoming all the distractions as the continue to look for the gem, the monkey that attached himself to Gray empties the stone into Gray’s mouth, something which Team Natsu is pleased at seeing as they head back for the guild hall.
Back in the guild hall, Erza wears a maid outfit at Mira’s request, something she takes in stride of having no qualms over doing so. Mira wants her to have more shame during her punishment, going on to tie her up to be leered at by the men of the Guild outside the building. Erza embarrassed, Mira wants her to call her “master” which Erza refuses, causing Mira to continuously hit Erza’s behind multiple times, much to the enjoyment of the other guild members. From afar Lisanna, Macao, and Wakaba are unamused by the torture Erza is receiving, pointing their attention to the beginning of the performance held by Gajeel, with Lucy and Levy joining to be his dancers. Levy sighs wondering how she got dragged into this predicament, with Lucy apologizing for getting her involved. Elsewhere, Happy and Carla fly Lily around, with the latter changing his form to make it harder on the two for their punishment, noticing Natsu and Elfman continuing to try to accomplish their task. Cana and Wendy are also seen walking to their location, with Wendy being frightened at the prospect of meeting the suspect people.
As the clock strikes twelve, Natsu and Elfman move to return the favor against Laxus, Gray gets disgusted by the treatment he received from Juvia, Erza begins to punish Mira as a locked up Lucy is saddened by her fate, while Lily carries Happy and Carla who both fell asleep during their punishment, noticing Cana and Wendy sleeping under a tree, commenting that their facial expressions reflect upon their happiness

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  1. I thought Wendy was in trouble for a second but then I saw what her punishment was and I thought
    “Oh she’s just with a bunch of kids that’s not so bad..”


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