Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers

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When you go to a fast food joint, you’re not asking for much: a fast, filling meal at a decent price, and… that’s about it. But sometimes you don’t even get that. So the next time you hit up your local drive-thru for dinner, take a close look at your receipt. Here’s a look at some times that fast food restaurants cheated customers…

Burger King’s Croissan’wich | 0:19
McDonald’s Extra Value Meals | 1:04
Chipotle’s calories | 1:48
Dunkin’ Donuts’ imposter ingredients | 2:41
Jimmy Johns’ sprout fiasco | 3:44
McDonald’s fry cheat | 4:23
Subway’s great “footlong” debate | 4:48

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32 thoughts on “Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers”

  1. How stupid 11 in compared to a foot long. That shows how frivolous lawsuits become. Do you think you could bake a loaf of bread and determine how long does a loaf of bread will be after cooked impossible stupid lawsuit and that ties up the course for more impressive litigation

  2. Sorry to say steak is ground beef don't care how you slice it still ground beef. They're correct ordering difference between margarine and butter if I ask for butter I want butter not margarine on a health stand margarine is worse than butter. Even all these fabricated company saying larger is better or finding out butter is better

  3. PS the funny thing is this restaurant is a premium price point you would think it would be better but apparently not

  4. I would not buy Chipotle meals over the last five years I had to many problems with food safety and still has not changed I will never eat Chipotle very unhealthy restaurant. Take your own risk at hand

  5. Never got cheated at my BK,people watch yourselves,stop looking down at your phone or did you forget how to do basic math!

  6. The reasons why people sue other people and enterprises are plain stupid and should all be thrown out. If you are not happy with what you get to somewhere else.

  7. I have found that if I order smaller fries at McDonalds I get the same amount as a large, b/c the large fries are never filled full.

  8. You should always do your own math…

    Also, if anyone wants a sausage/egg biscuit from McDs, order a sausage biscuit and order an egg on the side and put it on yourself. A sausage/egg biscuit in Cali costs $3+. Ordering them separate costs $2+.

    I worked at McDs and that fry thing is not a thing at legit McDs places. Many McDs are franchises and that fry pinching move is probably from those franchise owners.

  9. Portillos got caught selling a scooner of beer that held about 3 or 4 ounces less than advertised. They got away with it for years.

  10. I know White castle meals used to cost almost exactly the same as if you bought the items individually. Even buying a 30 pack was lije,exactly the same. I used to joke that I was going to buy 29 burgers dome day just to point it out to them.

  11. You need money and time to file lawsuits 😂 they don’t come cheap especially since you need to hire a lawyer or public defender. Anyways a bunch of precious time wasted if you don’t have that amount of time 😂

  12. There's a lot of stories of people suing others over useless crap. Honestly, I'd rather just relax, enjoy my life, and be happy.

  13. Stopped eating fast food two years ago and have lost 80 pounds , I am 72 years old and all my health numbers are in the good now . Do yourself a favor and quiet eating that crap.

  14. The thing is, in order to sell the food that cheaply, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they aren’t using the best ingredients. The negative health effects are real, there are no savings, even if they gave the food away for free.
    A greasy slider doesn’t refer to the burger going in, it refers to the burger coming out.

  15. My tip:If you ever have the craving for fries from any of the fast-food giants,you're better off buying a packet of frozen fries and frying your own.The big companies buy heck loads of those same frozen fries for pennies per packet,pay next to nothing for the vegetable oil,fry it up,and then marking it up many times over.That's a legal scam.

  16. When you eat fast food, it doesn't digest, it dissolves into chemicals. Leaving you still hungry for more. That's why it never seems to satisfy peoples appetites. I've seen it. People would come order a big meal, 3 hrs later they come right back! $60-$80 food orders yo!

  17. I always wondered that the six inch looked a tad small I used to work at Subway all the bread comes Frozen and put in baking molds


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