Game Dev Discord Server

Heys guys, you asked for a discord server for my game dev channel, here it is, please follow this invitation link:

We have channels for 3d modeling, Game dev, Gaming or Programming, text-channels, voice channels, bots for music and
role management.

You can assign yourself a role after you joined, the available roles are: Gamedev, Gamer and Programmer – more will follow.

I use the bot Tatsumaki for self role management, just type t!help to get help in the bot-spam channel.

You can assign yourself a role by using this bot command:

t!selfroles get Gamedev
t!selfroles get Gamer
t!selfroles get Programmer

Have fun on my discord, please add suggestions for improvement to the comments below!

See my social profiles here

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:



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9 thoughts on “Game Dev Discord Server”

  1. Don't Appoint Moderators who Troll People or ban people for no Reason, i am saying this because i was once a memeber of UDH(Unity Developer Hub) those Bastards Troll people for no reason, and if you counter them, you're BANNED Immediately

  2. Hi people …
    i try make game low poly style like 1st Assasin Creed with Stealh Kill Quest and more…
    Please Subscribe to mine channel and if you want support me like ……





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