Game Icon Set 🏹 Illustration with Procreate

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Wanted to share this drawing process video using the Procreate app, designing an icon set for a fantasy game. ✍️ I’m illustrating on iPad Pro 12.9 inch, using the Apple Pencil. Would love to know what you think!

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45 thoughts on “Game Icon Set 🏹 Illustration with Procreate”

  1. nice!
    I am a digital product designer and I am wondering if I can export these icons as SVG`s and upload them into Figma to use in the product that i am designing?

  2. Yes it is one stroke and yes you nail the technique even if this is wrong way to do illustrations. But honestly your stuff sucks. It may look like its cool i give you that but still this is below average.

  3. and then how to export the icons to individual files? in Affinity Designer we can export selected object. is it possible in Procreate?

  4. hello sir. iwant to ask somthing you .with what program are you drawing and plese

    answer me in faceebook.thanks

  5. How do you get which to put on the top and under? This is what i always dont understand in every procreate tutorial video, because they never show or explain it. Please help 😀

  6. Hello!👋 Relatively recently, I started watching your channel, and it's just amazing how you can inspire! I absolutely love it!😀
    Definitely like and subscribe!😁
    And one more thing, I want to say at once, do not judge strictly, I know that I have many mistakes since I am Russian.👅
    And thanks for your attention!😄❤

  7. Looks interesing! I just started using procreate and still trying to grasp the basic functions for example, how do you shade only the parts that you want? I noticed your hading doesn't "overflow" onto the background layer as if there's a mask.

  8. I'm in love with your illustrations. I've an iPad mini 2 and a Bamboo Stylus Pen, I hadn't been drawing for some months, but now thanks to your videos i've found again the inspiration to restart drawing. Thanks.

  9. Icons look amazing! Love your videos ! <3

    I would really like to see another video like this one but with all of the process included, layers, modes, etc like a tutorial? It would be amazing!

    Thank you so much!


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