Game Theory: Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw!

Thanks to Microsoft for loaning us the real life Halo Armor and for sponsoring the episode, allowing us to bring in an armor specialist.
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Halo Armor – Best protective suit ever or a walking death trap? If Mjolnir Armor is like having your body encased in a small tank, why exactly does it only take one to three punches to kill you? In this episode of Game Theory, I get to the bottom of one of the oldest Halo questions around. How can Master Chief have a super suit capable of surviving a fall from space, yet one little five finger strike can send him toppling over into his grave?

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29 thoughts on “Game Theory: Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw!”

  1. Man the older the game theorist videos that youtube is recomending me the intros are getting weirder and weirder

  2. @gametheory your also overlooking a key point that physics gives us. Momentum is given by m*v. The shearing point of titanium is 45 GPA, which tells us that it takes forty five million pascals to shear titanium. From the article, we learn that “titanium hurts when sheared”, which means that it has a sharp point around the area that it has been sheared. A pascal is roughly defined as force over area. In multiplayer mode, you are typically fighting other Spartans, who are also wearing mark VI armor. Their armor also ways a thousand pounds, but the part we want to focus on is of course, the fist. Playing reach and analyzing the punching motion of a Spartan, we can deduce that when a spartan punches, he mainly uses his forearm to leverage his punch, with a good clean right hook or a pistol hit.

  3. the music makes that moment where mat pat is talking to Anthony feel like an interrogation or a master chef episode with Gorgon Ramsey

  4. Imagine getting stuck in one of those suits. You're pinned on the ground. No ones coming for you. You die slowly. In panic.


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