Germany's Super-Brain, Dave Janischak

1. This is a section out of a 3-hour long primetime live TV game show “Deutschlands Superhirn” (“Germany’s Super-Brain”).

2. The show took place on May 17, 2012 on the Second German TV Channel (“Zweites Deutschen Fernsehen”, ZDF.)

3. Seven contestants competed for the title of “Germany’s Super Brain”.

4. This video clip shows Dave Janischak’s section. He won the title at the end of the show.

5. I did the English translation and edited the video clip. Any translation error is mine.

6. It’s a great show. The human echolocation technique should be made better known.

Show Host: Jörg Pilawa


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28 thoughts on “Germany's Super-Brain, Dave Janischak”

  1. Also den Kerzenständer konnte er doch gar nicht wissen… Das ist halt nen Stab mit nem Ding drauf. Wenn ich nur die Umrisse gesehen hätte, wär ich nichtmal darauf gekommen

  2. Die Dezibel welche er beim schnalzen entstehen sind viel zu gering um auf eine so hoche Reichweite zu gelangen. und nehmen wir an er wäre eine Fledermaus dann könnte er trzdm. nicht die Form bestätigen

  3. Its cool that the uploader went to the effort of uploading and translating the show! I enjoyed watching a German show!! 🙂

  4. I believe this is fake. I have seen another blind person do the echolocation technique and believe it can be done. But this guy seems to be faking because all of the examples can be explained away so easily. In one clip where he is at school they ask what is in the distance. I think going to school there, he would already know. Plus the echolocation wouldn't reach that far. It shows that he he is faking it or at least playing it up a lot. Like another person commented, the sound and smell of the objects would have given them away. How do they even know he has ever been in contact with a guitar? I never have touched one, only seen them. Many people would not have touched an acoustic guitar. They must have asked him or his family if he has felt a guitar before, giving him a clue. They would have had to ask if he has felt all of the objects before which would have helped him!


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