Heroes over Europe flying dogfight video game trailer – PS3 X360

– A great WW2 dogfight game with pure next gen action, physics, graphics and AI! Heroes over Europe is the sequel to the high-selling World War II flight combat game, Heroes of the Pacific. Focusing on the European aerial battles of World War II from 1940 to 1945, Heroes over Europe follows the Allied campaign from the attacks on London to the destruction of Berlin. Players will once again sit in the cockpits of the iconic aircraft of the conflict and be forced to survive the most intense dogfights seen in any next generation flight game. More on my blog

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8 thoughts on “Heroes over Europe flying dogfight video game trailer – PS3 X360”

  1. Theres that old game that im looking 4
    Its a ww2 plane game
    It had a German and an US pilot in standing in the games menu.
    Anyone know how its called?


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