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For today’s episode of War Stories, Ars Technica sat down with Naughty Dog Co-founder Andy Gavin to talk about the hurdles in bringing the original Crash Bandicoot to gamers around the world. When Andy and his partner Jason Rubin made the decision to bring the action platforming genre into three dimensions, it required living up to their company ethos of “leaving no stone unturned” in the search for memory – even if it meant hacking Sony’s library code.

Directed and Produced by Sean Dacanay
Edited and Graphics Animated by Jeremy Smolik

Footage used in the video:
LGR – SGI Indigo2 Computer System Review.mp4
Way Of The Warrior Classic 3DO gameplay.mp4
Super Mario World Video Walkthrough.mp4
Donkey Kong Country Video Walkthrough.mp4
[TAS] Donkey Kong Country 101% in 4118 by Tompa.mp4
Atari 2600 Longplay Pitfall! (old).mp4
Sonic The Hedgehog – Full Playthrough No Commentary.mp4
Street Fighter II Genesis – Ken Playthrough 1 3.mp4
Mortal Kombat 1 Super Nintendo SNES Very Hard Playthrough Sub-Zero.mp4
Virtua Fighter 1 Arcade – 1CC (Akira Not MAME) バーチャファイター 1 버추어 파이터 1.mp4
Galaga – Gameplay Arcade 1981.mp4
PSX Longplay [040] Twisted Metal 2 World Tour.mp4
Tomb Raider (PS1) 100% ALL SECRETS Walkthrough Longplay NO COMMENTARY.mp4
NES Longplay [250] Super Mario Bros (a).mp4
SNES Longplay – Super Mario World.mp4
Super Mario 64 – N64 – Full Playthrough No Commentary.mp4
LONGPLAY Commander Keen Episode 1 Marooned on Mars (1990) [MS-DOS].mp4
The Incredible Machine (PC) – versión Windows 3.1.mp4
Crash Bandicoot Commercials 1996-2000.mp4
SONY PlayStation (1995).mp4
Arcade Game I, Robot (1983 Atari) (1 5).mp4
Inside NaughtyDog – Crash Warped [Playstation Underground].mp4
History of 3D in Video Games 1974-1994.mp4
Jurassic Park Before and After.mp4
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Special Stage 7.mp4
PSX Longplay [049] Tekken.mp4
Playstation 299 (E3 1995 Keynote).mp4

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How Crash Bandicoot Hacked The Original Playstation | War Stories | Ars Technica


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37 thoughts on “How Crash Bandicoot Hacked The Original Playstation | War Stories | Ars Technica”

  1. Sony's mascot i mean it kind of tried to be but wasn't until it kind of was… But personally Spyro seemed more like a mascot than crash ever did.

  2. I jumped down a pit in crash and it CRASHED the game get it crash no but really it crashed the game did you know if you put a game disc in 100 times it will get to scratched so you can't play

  3. This guy is so good at explaining complex low level programming concepts that he would be the best mentor for a game programmer!

  4. My god, this man might be the most eloquent game programmer ever. He needs to be a teacher! I know nothing about programming or game design but he managed to keep me super engaged and I learned a lot.

  5. Old games were way more creative in scope due to limitations of technology at the time, now a days almost no one cares about this stuff since we game developers have access to better technologies, but i feel like the limited tech made for more creative games technologically anyway.

  6. I liked it when it showed mario 64 gameplay. Both came around the same time, but Mario focused more on the freedom of movement than in the graphics and animations. 2 different approaches that created 2 classics.

  7. This is what makes a game good. When the developers care enough to get an idea and regardless of the limitations look at how to still get their vision through. That care shows in the final product.

  8. I love his extraordinary investment, passion, tenacity, genious, his will to offer the best and most original game experience to players.
    Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin are the best !

  9. "Mistakes were made" Oh no wrong channel MVG, and certainly no mistakes here. Great video, loved his passion and how proud he is!

  10. This video to me is like the holy grail of video game development. Being a self-taught hobbyist/indie game developer myself, it helped me gain a huge perspective on multiple crucial domains like 3D maths in video games, rendering those 3D-calculated worlds, all the while managing and utilizing the memory to the fullest and keeping things on the screen look interesting and realistic even working on limited hardware/resources. These guys are absolute geniuses and my personal heroes in the industry.

    I wonder what war stories could Andy tell had he given the opportunity to talk about what sort of code sorcery he had pulled off whilst developing the Jak and Daxter series.

  11. "Every element that goes into the game needs to be gread*
    Last of Us 2 comes out
    Well… i mean, yeah technically speaking, man the rope mechanics are amazing. The story is dogpiss. But perhaps Andy Gavin being a programmer only meant the programming, so….
    Last of us 2 Review: ROPE mechanics get a 10/10!


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