How To Play Jacks

This video tutorial will teach you how to play Jacks.

This video will start by teaching you the general concepts of Jacks, and is followed by the more detailed features of the game. This tutorial is perfect for beginning players, as well as, experienced players that need a refresher.

This Jacks tutorial will cover the following topics:

– The setup

– The objective

– How to play

– A review of the rules

Please leave a comment below if you need any additional information about the game Jacks, if you have any questions about the game, or if any aspect of the game was not clear in the video.

Thanks for watching!

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28 thoughts on “How To Play Jacks”

  1. I remember a pick up called around the world, but I don't recall the sequencing, or when a player gets to use it.

  2. I was a sissy in the 70s playing jacks. Not sure what the problem was with boys playing jacks at the time but I enjoyed it with my half-sisters. Terry Jacks had a huge hit then too!

  3. I remember, while i was still in the philippines, my parents would restrict me from playing this game because they said the game was for girls only or the game will turn you into a girl, my parents were brain dead back then….

  4. When I played jacks back in the days, we used different rules, I think it's only ONE hand allowed. Also we're allowed to pick multiple times in one ball throw, and there is a name for that, it feels good for showing up how fast we can manage to do that. And the jacks look different, mine were shaped like number 2 or S. Oh and it's also considered as a girl's game in Indonesia lol.

  5. Didn't think I would find this, but kids these days dont know anything about this. I just got my daughter sum so she can work on hand eye coordination

  6. My crush still plays this and so I decide to learn it again cuz I forgot. Fyi my crush is THE BEST at playing Jacks no kidding

  7. Aloha we're social distancing because of Coronavirus — Now that we're all stuck at home thought I'd show my two grandkids what we used to play when we had no computers, plastic games, actions toys etc. I had to brush up on the rules so watched your video. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Leilani from Maui

  8. I remember playing this game when I was little. It was fun. But now I don’t think people play this game no more. No one ever talks about it

  9. damn i remembr 12 years ago i ddint know how to play i just played with the bouncy ball and about 5 minutes ago it randomly poped into my head how do you play jacks lmaoo and i mean randomly i was watching gta 5 videos lmao

  10. The only thing I am excited about is doing the different exhibitions after the 10th round.
    I was expert in this during my childhood.
    He didn't even mentioned the exhibitions..


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