How To Use Every 5-Star In The Game 2019 [Fate/Grand Order English]

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Inspired by Gregor’s Rainbow Six: Siege “How-To” video series.

Music Used:
Pika Dance – Hyper Potions
Turbo Killer – Carpenter Brut
Six Shooter – Coyote Kisses
Spectrum – Muzzy
Into the Shadows – Dance with the Dead (feat. Nick Hipa)
Infinite Ammo – Payday 2
Heat Haze Shadow (2nd Round) – Tekken 7
BFG Division – Mick Gordon (DOOM 2016)
The Battle of Award 42 – A Hat in Time
Super Affection – Carnival Phantasm

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27 thoughts on “How To Use Every 5-Star In The Game 2019 [Fate/Grand Order English]”

  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary, NA FGO. Image links below: (thumbnail)


  2. 5:44 "Just don't overwork him, otherwise he might turn into a caster-" then proceed to overwork him some more with your arts teams.

  3. Maybe I would roll for Sigurd if his design wasn't so terrible!
    Sorry Bryn but your battered housewife syndrome'd husband isn't coming home.

  4. In French, "Deus Vult" can be translated by "Dieu le veut" (God wants it) or more properly by "Par/Pour la Volonté de Dieu" (For/By God's will)
    Hope it helps (>^.^)>


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