I Bought a Refurbished PS2 from GameStop… (best console of all time?)

So I finally decided to buy a refurbished PS2 from GameStop. The PlayStation 2 is a classic console that I grew up with, so I felt it was only right. It cost $49.99, which I don’t think is too bad. Check out the video to see how it turned out!

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33 thoughts on “I Bought a Refurbished PS2 from GameStop… (best console of all time?)”

  1. Fun Fact: Sony designed the ps2 for a world of CRT TV's (Old tube TV's) the playstation 2 looks 100% better on a CRT than any modern hdtv.

  2. Expansion bay was to use the ethernet adaptor that was used to go online. There was a bonus too that you coulld install an 3.5 hard drive. The only game that actually used it was a final fantasy title dont remember wich one!!!

  3. You lucky bastard I think you got one of the last ones lmao I was gonna get it too but by the time I did it was gone lmfao

  4. My dad bought us the fat ps2 on launch day and I’ll never forget getting it. Didn’t even really understand at the time. Played the hell out of it. Remember when we used to cheap out and buy a madcatz controller and sometimes it wouldn’t work. Lol

  5. I used to play on my ps2. This console brings me back to the 2000s and brings me memories! P.S this is my favorite retro console

  6. I bought a ps2 slim a while ago from a charity shop for 20p. I still use it to this day. Only one part is broken, but I fixed it easily.

  7. Mine parents ps2 slim sounds weird and it does not read every time a disc the noise is like tennnneeee tennnneee

  8. You can plug in a network adapter in the expansion bay to put in a hard disk to play games directly from it…


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