I Ordered A Refurbished PS2 From Gamestop…And This Is What They Sent Me

After seeing that GameStop will actually refurbish older retro systems before shipping them out, I decided to order a refurbished PS2 console from them to see how it would arrive. Today we will unbox what they sent me and test it out.

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30 thoughts on “I Ordered A Refurbished PS2 From Gamestop…And This Is What They Sent Me”

  1. That's definitely a legit controller. For around 2 years Sony was fighting a lawsuit and couldn't use the rumble functionality

  2. You keep repeating yourself it’s so annoying, obviously dragging on the video, video could’ve been an 8 minute video if you weren’t so autistic

  3. Tomorrow never dies James bond game was the shit. I think it was better than the world is not enough. But neither of them hold a candle to goldeneye on Nintendo 64.

  4. Speaking of ps2's….what causes one to not read a disc unless you got a weight to sit on the corner of the disc tray?

  5. Mine came in fine, very satisfied.
    Just deciding now if I want that $124 copy of tron bonne's misadventures.
    Not even sure if itll come with the mml2 demo disc… XC

  6. Yep the sony playstation 1 & 2 both had controller's without rumble motors in them especially in the uk & European markets

  7. I bought a used PS2 slim from a guy on Gumtree. I think it was about £10. Works great. Good clean condition. Actually it plays PS1 games better than my PS3. I was so disheartened to find that my copy of Diablo was scratched and the soundtrack kept skipping on the PS3, but not a problem on the PS2. Maybe my lens needs cleaning. So many great games for the system though. Oh, I also have the silver dual shock.

  8. The ps controller looks like a black ps1 controller i say this as it has the analog button. Im not 100% on that but if it doesnt have rumble might be ps1 controller. Did some research and pulled a ps2 dualshock 2 out of my closet.. Check the connector if its round its and grey (both cord and connector) its the dual shock if its square in shape and black cable and connector its a dualshock 2 both looked identical besides these slight changes and the dualshock 2 logo and screw locations on the back of the controller.

  9. I've run into a few of those controllers with no Rumble Motors in it. Yeah you're right it is with it feels weird when you're playing.. I kept expecting vibration when jumping or doing something lol.


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