"I Played the Sara Sarita Game" | CreepyPasta Storytime

IncredibleThonk Also known as @frogman_art on Instagram bring us a new ritual horror game that you certainly should not try at home.
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37 thoughts on “"I Played the Sara Sarita Game" | CreepyPasta Storytime”

  1. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS!? the styLe of story of a victim dying i can’t seem to find many that NARRATED! somebody Let me know. heLL i can’t find many good ones where the narrator is the “bad guy” to be honest. dear abby is a good exampLe i guess for the Latter. heLp me out horror fans

  2. Ahut up me and my friend played it we asked if she was are friends and she sead yes then later I asked her if we can call her Sara she sead yes. Sara is a good spirit and all your doing is making her mad

  3. The problem with counseling sites is they all cost money. Money. Psh. Why can't people these days just talk to each other without having it cost something? *Sighs*

  4. to MrCreepyPasta, first off i love listening to all your narations, but i would like to leave a word about your sponsor BetterHelp.. i think it's great that you're spreading the word, i'm suffuring from schizophrenia myself and i know that there's nothing worse than feeling lost and alone or maybe not even knowing that you're sick and need help, i've learned to live with it because of the help i've gotten, i don't live in america and where i come from we can get free help, such as medicin and consulting as long as we go to a doctor or get ourselves committed to a psychiatric hospital but not everyone is as lucky as i am and i'm glad that we have this kind of health care system.. thumps up! keep spreading the word.. there are still people out there who really need's your help…

  5. Am I still playing the game?
    Heads – yes
    Tails – game is still active to answer no. but why answer no if yes?

  6. A little more than two minutes of this video was NOT creepypasta. I don't mind short stories, but come on. Keep that other stuff short or dedicate a whole video to it.

  7. I actually have mental health issues and appreciate the awareness you put out. I was born on the autism spectrum so stress was manditory, to a point of depression. I am no longer depressed but have since had an OCD diagnosis and signs of ADHD.


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