Kirby Star Allies is the worst Kirby game – Here's why.

Who would have thought that I actually don’t like the game that I branded my entire channel after?
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Kirby Star Allies is the worst Kirby game – Here’s why.

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33 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies is the worst Kirby game – Here's why.”

  1. Who wants some EXCLUSIVE classic Billeh Kirby Star Allies content?

  2. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Super Star Ultra but I don't know why people say it's better than Star Allies. In my opinion, I don't have a preference on whether I like one or the other more. I think both games are equally awesome and the same goes to Return to Dream Land, Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot as well.

    Regarding the video, while I disagree with you being rude towards the game, I respect your opinion with all my heart. Also, don't listen to the toxic Kirby fans who disrespected your opinion. You're allowed to like or dislike whatever you want.

  3. Did you just say KIRBY STAR ALLIES IS A SONIC FORCES OF THE KIRBY SERIES?! (Brings out a gun and eyes shine red) Y O U B E T T E R G E T R E A D Y F O R S O N I C VS T W I T C H!!!!!

  4. It was an okay enough game I had a great time with it but it was a little like the others also it was very short normally it would take me like 1 in a half weeks to finish Kirby titles but it took me a couple of days otherwise it was great but not so great it wasn't the worst that would have to be in my opinion Dream Land I guess it felt like a prototype to the main Kirby series but still good overall but Star Allies was good enough it could have done better personally the best games is Planet Robobot but otherwise Kirby Star Allies is right in the middle for me.

  5. Oh boy where do we begin.

    The level design is bland and overall a massive downgrade from previous games, there’s no interesting camerawork going on, there’s no usage of the fore- and background, the level themes are all recoloured copy-pastes of each other, the puzzles are of piss poor quality to the point they can’t even be considered puzzles, the enemies are all just target practice dolls, over half of the boss roster is just rematches and recolours, there are fewer levels than in the 3DS titles, the levels practically beat themselves when you have allies, the gameplay is so boring that even my casual friends refused to keep playing it, the story is poorly written and changes focus at random, the sub-games are tiny and completely irrelevant which is a huge step down from previous games, and 90% of Guest Star is just rehashing the awful Story Mode.

    The only good things about this game is the final boss, the boss rush, and the DLC, which amounts to less than 10% of the entire game. And people still say it’s one of the best Kirby games ever made? I had fun playing, that doesn’t make it a good game. It’s incredibly flawed and you have to acknowledge that even if you like it.

  6. Dude hate to say it you are incorrect there is bonus content it is called Heros in Another Dimension. So there are actually 8 worlds. Im not being rude just saying

  7. Honestly I pretty much agree with everything you said because when I was playing this for the first time I was really exsoted by world four

  8. Tbh I wouldn't say its the sonic forces of the kirby series, while it is short and not as good as other kirby games unlike sonic forces it has multiple modes and dlc. If you don't think about the game that much you might enjoy it more, I know I did. But I respect your opinion. To me Kirby Star Allies is meh but its not terrible. While I think it would be cool to see a 3d kirby game I don't think its likely.

  9. I do like Kirby star allies and I do admit I'm having trouble the second hardest boss Rush mode I'm not going to leave this a dislike because it's your own opinion you know what I'm going to give it a like

  10. Honestly, It wasent that bad. But when they started adding characters from past games, The game just became "Kirby Fan Service Allies"

  11. I mean I know that Kirby star allies was pretty much about making friends in letting them pretty much do the work for you and even if it was a little bit or really easy you do have to remember that this is a kid's game so of course it's going to be kind of easy like I've seen YouTubers say that Kirby games are usually easy

  12. I’m glad you were more harsh on this game because I usually see people being way too soft towards this game.

    The only parts of this game I truly enjoyed was the side content. But that is like saying the main course is really bad, but most of the side dishes are great.

    I also like to imagine Hal spent 98% of the budget on the final boss arena because there is such a crazy amount of color and detail put into that area. It makes me disappointed that Hal couldn’t be bothered to give the player a clear view of the whole thing.

  13. eh. They should prob change the formula, but that's about it. The game is fun, the story is great, and the bosses are good (void termina and void were amazing fights).

    Kirby games have never actually been bad. They don't do too much to distance themselves from each other besides some gimmicks,levels, and villains but they are all fun. And this is definitely not the worst kirby game.

  14. Star Allies fucked up a lot of things that it has no excuse for but I can't see how it could be considered worse than Squeak Squad. Still, Hal needs to take their heads out of their asses & bring back fucking Extra Mode. It's not an option. It's a requirement. Same for bosses whose attacks you need to actually dodge instead of just standing in one spot & hitting the boss over & over.

    Another requirement is stop making the bonus characters so OP that they're not even fun to use. Some dumbass behind Triple Deluxe & Planet Robobot had the gall to claim Meta Knight/Dedede mode is the game's Extra Mode even though it's the easiest mode. In Superstar Ultra, Meta Knight can heal himself every time he kills a few enemies. That's so OP that it's actually better than the other move he has that kills minibosses in 1 hit & bosses in 2 hits.

    I utterly despise Heroes in Another Dimension though. They just made it tedious & unfair in ways that mostly involved 1-hit kills so they could say it's not easy. Easily the worst thing in the franchise & I'm never touching it again now that I've used a guide to find all the secrets in it. Should've hadshorter levels that are hard in a fun way instead of arbitrarily punishing. The only good parts are the bosses.

    I like your video though because you did a good job of explaining the problems with the game in general & I can't fault you for having a different opinion on some elements.

  15. I agree with everything. There is really nothing new in the main game that hasn't been done before in past games. 4 players? Return to Dreamland. Combining powers or elements? Kirby Crystal Shards.

    Only things I liked were the art, music and the guest mode.

    I also feel that 30fps makes the game feel slow and very sluggish which further intensifies the mindless gameplay. This is literally the first mainline 30fps Kirby game. Part of the Kirby game charm and feel is playing in 60fps+good graphics. NES, SNES, 64, GAMECUBE, Wii, DS, 3DS, GBA all met those requirements EXCEPT THE SWITCH somehow.

    Also find it shocking that there is only 4 worlds.

    Conclusion: the game is not bad but it's not good either. It's just OK. Enjoyable for those who never played Kirby before or who do not know what good quality Kirby is like.

  16. I…don’t agree with you, well, it was my first Kirby game, so it was really wholesome, I really like it and don’t agree with you.
    (Don’t bash me)


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