KLab Games Station: Episode 172

KLab Games Station is your source for the latest news on our games! Ep.172 “UR day” starts at 7:34

-Utano☆Princesama Shining Live starts at 15:39
Alex plays Haru Hana at 20:46
Wish Reiji a happy birthday with #ShiningBday_Reiji
-Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team starts at 25:13
Online Match with Alberto at 43:22
-LLSIF corner starts at 1:00:56
Alberto plays Wonderful Rush at 1:08:19
-LLAS corner starts at 1:11:07
Alex plays HEART to HEART at 1:22:42
Wish Yoshiko a happy birthday with #HappyYoshikoDaySIF
-Bleach Brave Souls starts at 1:29:22
-Wrapping Up 1:39:40
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