[Last Game] When I('m going to)kiss you

It’s been ages since my last Last Game video so i used up all my strength and colored a few scenes. But i really regret choosing this song xd I always used male songs so i wanted to use a female one this time…but there isn’t any songs what describes what’s happening in Kujo’s head Dx
Yanagi and Kujo haven’t even had a proper kiss yet but who cares…xd

this summer went by so fast and i didn’t really edit a lot :'( I started to make a full mmv with only historical mangas but I’m never going to finish it ToT

and I still don’t feel like editing, I just don’t enjoy it like before :'(
so i think I’m going to take a break for now, except mep and collab parts :’D at least until i came up with something new…
school also starts soon and I’m also lost in Kdrama land and i can’t find the exit :”D

manga: Last Game
song: google it pls xd

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39 thoughts on “[Last Game] When I('m going to)kiss you”

  1. I read this for 6 years and counting. I love re-reading this manga. Definitely My top shoujo manga of all time. I'm hoping to see an anime or even live action.

  2. i hope, one day that manga can get anime adaptation. cus I love that manga so much.. yanagi x kujou, you're story love remembering me when I was in campus, it's perfectly same with my story love when I'm try to get my childhood friend's become my girlfriend but she doesn't know nor sensitive about my feeling, Even though, i'd try too hard.
    but finally she knows my feelings and now we are married.

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  4. They remind me of tamaki and haruhi. Wait now that i think of it….. tamaki and yanagi are both blonde, and haruhi and koujo are brunette.


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