LET´S GO TO AUSTIN TEXAS WITH EA – Austin Game Conference 2017!!!!

Ea sended me out to Texas to Austin Game Conference 2017, I had very high fever though the whole trip but I tried to hide it cuz I didn´t want to miss this trip.

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46 thoughts on “LET´S GO TO AUSTIN TEXAS WITH EA – Austin Game Conference 2017!!!!”

  1. You're really great! I like finding new channels and I think you're gonna be a star. All the best from the UK 💂

  2. Austin downtown in pretty nice. I stayed in the JW marriot a few years ago. Wish to visit Austin again soon

  3. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet you while you were in Texas. However we welcome you back anytime. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

  4. About the feeling not wanting to go home to a cold and dark sweden, I can fully understand that. Felt the exact same thing when I left california in September last year, I want to go back as soon as possible.

  5. Hi Nerdy,if work was all about computer gaming, would you still enjoy gaming in your spare time? like working in a chocolate factory would you be sick of chocolate?

  6. You should get a job with one of the games, computer, tech, IT companies and move to the US and live here in America!

  7. I used to play EA Games especially the battlefield series, but it just became a big hacker fest… ruining the enjoyment of the game. And I'm not trying to exclude EA with this problem it's rampant everywhere in shooter games. For example Daybreak their PlanetSide 2 game has gotten worse with hackers, even with software counter measures like battle eye to monitor the game it's still a problem. Hopefully developers like EA will have a better system in the future. 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing your adventure(s), you're a true and awesome gamer (and person). Benevolent wishes always to your endeavors. 🙂

  9. You're completely romanticizing the US. Just go live there for a while to experience some of the downsides of all the positive things you see now. If weather is your biggest issue with Sweden, you still have a lot "of life" to experience. Your view towards EA is a bit the same. Only looking up to something or someone disables you from seeing the entire picture.

    Don't get me wrong, I do understand your reactions from your point of view, but it wouldn't hurt to step back (go into God-Mode, if you will) and look down on what is happening.

  10. I enjoyed this introspective video. EA was smart to send you out to Austin. I am sorry you were not feeling well. Your English is so good!

  11. 7:57 That´s some deep stuff starting from here to the end 😛

    I still keep listening 🙂
    When you do such "conversations" about your adventures I also start thinking about my own happenings….

  12. AE? … I don't know … my Battlefield Bad Company 2, that I purchased in dvd for 40 euros, doest let me log in anymore!


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