Lite Campaign V3 Tutorial: Getting Started

This is how you get started in the first rough opt-in open beta of the Lite Campaign V3 in Automation. The tutorial is based on a pre-release version, so what you see may differ.

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24 thoughts on “Lite Campaign V3 Tutorial: Getting Started”

  1. as much as i try my best to understand this i feel like im lacking some knowledge and some control to make my car company have an easier time, all of these things make it feel too complex for me, i had an easier time understanding how to play the lite campaign back when the older game engine was being used. Right now i have a hard time even making a profit in the projections.

    I start in archana and try building a family budget car and i see the projections just giving me a complete loss despite me making the car as cheap and as desireable as possible when its competitive score goes well beyond 150

  2. I know this is an old video but I was just thinking that explaining the process bar could be analogized to economics. You're essentially trading capital(material cost) for labour(PU) and vice versa if I'm understanding it correctly. Regardless, great game guys, really enjoying it.

  3. This game is amazing.
    Lets start with that.

    In the light of V3 I have been finding it frustrating to get a company going in the first place.
    After drawing lines from this tutorial to the current Version its obvious that much has changed and some features fleshed out and other shelved for now.
    I habe recently got a company to profit but it was by rather ludicrous means.
    The most crucial part I feel is the access to information about how parts of the engine react with others, or what type of engine build certain demographics want.

    Its just a suggestion to help make a incredibly complicated concept like car manufacturing be a little more novice friendly (which is no easy task…)

  4. It looks like the countries were named using the Scrabble method. I named my second son in the same way. We called him Fuzebegart.

  5. Will money be adjusted for inflation? I'm pretty sure 700mn in 1946 would've made you richer than any single country!

  6. About to buy the game for full price to help u all out with a little bit of cash. Looks like a fun game. Cheers.

  7. I'm still confused asf xD creating trims and engines no problem, navigating around the menus is confusing as hell

  8. Will you expand the timeline so that we can start at the beginning of the 20th century? I want to beat Ford and his Model T into submission. 🙂

  9. I have lowest compression and most retarded ignition timer yet my engine is still knocking. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

  10. the actual campaign needs a ton of tool tips and some help page for each parts. i tried without this tutorial (acting gutsy) and put everything at super easy… i sold 0 cars and won the campaign by having a good credits… it may be that i did not produce one car in from 1970 to 2020 lol too bad the game do not support going to 2100 with Electric cars! (to be honest i bough both BeamNG and Automation together when i saw what could be done!)

    the only problem i encountered was that aerodynamics is just a number and not a wing angle in Automation to BeamNG and that there is nothing under the car. (and i wish there were Super Chargers! and that grills, vents and scoops would add air. tho those would need to be manually associated to Engine intake or cooling Engine or parts.)

    any how Great game, Automation reminds me a lot of that old CARTEST. EXE i had to make cars in games i played… and that was on DOS! then combine that with that old SNES game "Aerobiz" that simulates an Airline company and that is pretty much this game!

  11. Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much complicated…. If those are the basic concepts, then oh no I am not gonna buy this game. 80% of this stuff is useless. The game needs a full UI redesign.


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