Mexican Street Food Team Challenge 🇲🇽 | MasterChef Australia | MasterChef World

The teams face a service challenge: to cook Mexican Street food for around 500 people with the team making the most money the winners!
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43 thoughts on “Mexican Street Food Team Challenge 🇲🇽 | MasterChef Australia | MasterChef World”

  1. El elote esta muy simple, solo esta a la brasa o tatemado, el cóctel de frutas la misma palabra lo dice, en una copa o vaso tipo cóctel. La presentación del pollo siquiera estaba adobado, si querían estar solo prefiero el pollo loco. Que eso la razón es que el pollo loco se muy muy sencillo, un pollo asado a las brazas carbón vegetal, bien cosido no quemado marinado con su receta secreta, que solo e detectado parcial mente mostaza, pimienta y otros ingredientes. en resumen no es comida mexicanas es tex-mex es una copia barata de la gastronomía mexicana.

  2. Pues no hicieron tacos y eso si es lo que está en las calles, pero lo intentaron, gracias Australianos los queremos musho

  3. I'm mexican and this isn't mexican food.

    If you want learn some about mexican food, watch MasterChef Mexico.

  4. As mexican I can say:
    -That was some kind of food mixed with mexican, but to people who are from the other side of the world, they nail some of the ingredients, well tried
    -Churros aren't mexicans, they're spanish
    -We don't use feta cheese for corn, we use cotija, but is a great substitute

  5. If someone increased the price in front of me I would continue waiting in line then I would set fire to their cooking station. Fuckers.

  6. Jajajajajajajajajajajaja soy mexicana y eso no es comida en lo más mínimo de mi pais y ponen a gente que ni conose de los sabores de México jajaja se pasan de verga los pinches güeros solo en México encuentras la autenticidad de la comida ya los viera comiendo mole 🇲🇽😍

  7. Just because you put ‘Mexican’ after a good name in parenthesis, doesn’t make that food Mexican. Adobo is of food from Philippines.

    It’s as dumb as saying ‘Fettucini Alfredo (Chinese).

  8. Live in Mexico, never seen any of that food on the street other than the churro dish. Though trust me, outside of select areas in Mexico city and some regions in the south you do not want to eat Mexican street food. It is slop, especially in some states like Veracruz.

  9. I understand the way Masterchef (and not only the Australian version) approaches Mexican food, since this Latin American cuisine has a reputation of being rustic and extremely difficult to transform into something high end. Also, the spiciness plays as an intimidation factor for most foreigners. It doesn't offend as much as it rather disappoints me that the bold yet wholesome flavors of Mexican food get lost in translation so often, much more when you consider that the version most people are familiar with of certain staple dishes are the Tex-Mex variety. The real Mexico, the one in a plate, isn't featured much in these shows.
    I did, however, find the use of achiote a welcomed addition.

  10. I am nexican… i we dont eat this kind of food… not mexican at all!! Only the color looks great! Other than that… not mexican!!

  11. People are not sensitive to prices, but they are very sensitive to change in prices. By raising ur price infront of everyone u damned yourself and did free advertisement for your opponent. No matter how delicious your food tastes it will never be worth it because it used to be priced lower.


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