Nick Saban Press Conference after 46-41 loss to LSU

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Nick Saban Press Conference after 46-41 loss to LSU

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21 thoughts on “Nick Saban Press Conference after 46-41 loss to LSU”

  1. Boy priceless LSU kicking sabins ass and his suckers i mean team, i c LSU whipping BAMA ass next year 2 and the next , watching the fans heartbroken faces at the end of the game fucking priceless thats what yall get for not playing nobody all year as always then playing a real juggernaut lucky we didt fucking whip bama,s ass by 20

  2. If it's any consolation Alabama got beat by future all pro Clyde Edwards-Hellaire and essentially an NFL offense.

  3. LSU beat bama like saban has beat teams for a decade. LSU found their weaknesses and exploited it. And monopolized on bama's mistakes and they have done it to every team this year. But for the people saying bama's (dynasty) is over are idiots if they think saban won't have bama in the run again this very next season

  4. If Alabama was that concern of losing to MS by not playing Tua ? Then it means Saban has ZERO confidence in MJ QB give me a break it’s arrogance typical Saban his speech is dreadful

  5. This opens up liability to the university in the future it was unnecessary to start Tua PERIOD! disregard to rest the young man being able to play versus being healthy are two different views it’s a lawsuit

  6. Tua need to rest his ankle after a brutal LSU game if they can’t beat MS with backup QB then why have him on the roster ? Give me a break Saban was negligent lawsuit

  7. Lsu ended up with more points in the end .. Tua had more passing yards and Harris had more rushing yards… but we beat ourselves with the first half costly mistakes

  8. Sabans greatest fail the last two years is going with his boy tua over Jalen Hurts! Horrible loss to Clemson and LSU! His decisions cost them the championship last year and this year! As of now bama is out of the championship!


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