Painting a Game Icon ENGLISH

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24 thoughts on “Painting a Game Icon ENGLISH”

  1. What brush do you use for the line work? That looks incredible, I know that it's a hard brush, but mine never look like that.

  2. Hey! Really nicce work, I just recently started working in this industry and I found It very helpful. What brushes do you use in this tutorial? I can't find any that I would like, and especially in the line art the brush looks very cool.

  3. you wouldn't recommend illustrator for doing gameicons (no quality loss when resizing since vector) ? am not sure which programm to use

  4. i have to say this, you are one of the most artist who has been having the greatest VIDs TUT on youtube. waiting for more TUT from you. i love your all TUTS

  5. If I do the patreon thing will I be able to get the lineart for this? I got the small and crappy Wacom tablet and I find it impossible to draw lineart .-.

  6. That's one nice tutorial. Well explained, good inspiration, I patreoned directly. Now I'm expecting even more Game oriented tutorials ! 🙂

  7. Love you tutorials !
    Can you Please share a tutorial based on painting refracting objects like Crystals or Icicles ?

  8. Hey Jesus – you can use the effects to create a separate shadow layer, by first creating your effect, then right-click on the "fx" next to the layer, and select "Create Layer" near the bottom. Boom.. new shadow layer 😉

  9. I've been wondering, what resolution do you need to have good details in the final icon? Is there a way to find it based on the in-game, final screen resolution?

  10. This was nicely done! most of your videos are. You put a lot of effort into it, I am surprised by the amount of views you get. You should be getting hundreds of thousands! well done and keep up the wonderful work, Jesus Conde!

  11. Hey, Jesus! Another awesome tutorial! I like the way you use the pomodoro technique (the grid thing) to do the finishing touches: it really helps you to focus while spending your energy wisely.

  12. Hey, awesome tutorial mate! As always! One thing to mention tho', the game's name is Hearthstone, not Stonehearth.


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