Parfum "Live Play" (Queen/Asmodee Games) GreyElephant Gaming

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9 thoughts on “Parfum "Live Play" (Queen/Asmodee Games) GreyElephant Gaming”

  1. You guys are the best. I love watching you. I wish my hubby was into gaming! You have sold me on a few games and I'm adding this one. Luckily my kids play. Keep the videos coming!

  2. It's nice seeing you back again, Carmen.

    55:57 – You rolled two green successes, not two blue successes, Tim.  😛

  3. Good to see you back Carmen, and apologies for making you roll dice with your cursed left hand! If it is any consolation, both of my hands are cursed when it comes to rolling dice! lol

    I'm very good at producing base notes.  PARP
    (Sorry to lower the tone but once a schoolboy, always a schoolboy)


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