PocketSprite – $50 Miniature GameBoy Unboxing!

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A self-proclaimed “non-gimmick”… well… I think we can be the . judge of that! What do you think?

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35 thoughts on “PocketSprite – $50 Miniature GameBoy Unboxing!”

  1. i am very bothered by the fact that she just rested the clothes iron ON the clothes when talking and just let it sit there for a good amount of time.

  2. that screen is lower resolution than the game, so it has to interpolate the pixels, making everything unreadable! the features are really neat but the user-facing hardware like the screen and buttons are crippled

  3. I mean it’s really cool! I would never pay £50 for one… tbh I’d pay about £10 to £20. BUT ITS REALL COOL! 😂

  4. Owned one for a couple months now, often wear it around my neck as a necklace pendant, sometimes play Tetris and SMB Deluxe on the go, occasionally play Pokémon Silver but sometimes I can’t see the text. Besides that, it’s pretty playable for me cause I have smol fingers :> overall, my inner geek is satisfied.

  5. I want one for my hamster…that doesn't acually exist. Meaning I'd pony up £50 in Cdn $ for this remarkable device just for myself to noodle with.

  6. This is just a pet peeve but it costs £50 but in the title it says $50, he's not taking into consideration conversion rates

  7. I wish it was more like GameBoy shaped. And more slim… it just looks not very well designed. Like sharp edges and square. Also quite expensive for what it is. But cool features for such a small pack

  8. first the odroid go, now the pocketsprite, srsly, what is it with emulation consoles that destroy themselves on every reboot*? i mean i get it, esp32s are small and come with wifi, but would it have been that hard to just use a cpu that's not meant for "load once, never touch again"? -_-

    *) "no sd card" oh sorry, i meant destroy themselves on every action whatsoever.

  9. I thought it was fun, but looking at this review, it looks like it is not worth the money. You can't even read the words properly with this thing.


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