Pokémon Battle USUM: Dawn Vs May (Pokemon Companion)

Pokémon Battle USUM: Dawn Vs May (Pokemon Companion)
Video Type: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon & Pokemon Wifi Battle

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Welcome to Brogamerchannel
We make pokemon Wifi battle where pokemon trainer from various generation fight against one another, All the way from pokemon kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh all the way to the latest generation.
E.g: Ash Vs Red, Ash Vs Gary, Ash Vs Brendan, Ash Vs May, Red Vs Paul.

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30 thoughts on “Pokémon Battle USUM: Dawn Vs May (Pokemon Companion)”

  1. How did May use two attacks back to back with her glaceon at last to finish it, while all the previous move from both of them were alternative?? Isn't it partiality??

  2. May actually beat Dawn…

    Then again, I do like May's team a little better (although she had too many starters)

  3. Piplup vs. Munchlax
    Buneary vs. Beautifly
    Pachrisu vs. Wartortle
    Mamoswine vs. Venusaur
    Quilava vs. Blaziken
    Togekiss vs. Glaceon

  4. i want them both in the anime
    i want to see mega loppuny ownership of dawn
    and why not mega venusaur and blaziken for may


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