Pokemon, But Chat Controls the Game Every 5 Minutes

Pokemon, except every 5 minutes Twitch chat attempts to release my pokemon and use escape rope in tunnels. No joke though, this took a good couple days to make and I hope the effort shows!

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Outro animation by CE Designs
Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
Editting by

#twitchplays #pokemon #firered

Nguồn: https://vestingpoint.com/

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45 thoughts on “Pokemon, But Chat Controls the Game Every 5 Minutes”

  1. It’s like twitch plays Pokémon but with one guy trying to cleanup everything that’s going wrong every 5 minutes

  2. Lol for me I always catch male pokemon I can't imagine my self playing female pokemon…. Is there someone like me?

  3. Alternative title: a regular pokemon fire red playthrough but every 5 minutes it turns into twitch plays pokemon

  4. Expectation: The chat and Crow work together and beat the game in perfect sync.
    Reality: Chat teach Crow how to watch TV and run into walls.


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