Pokemon Dawn | PART 1 | RPG Maker Horror

Pikasprey plays the sequel to Pokemon Dusk! What horrorific monsters await him in the Kanto region?

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31 thoughts on “Pokemon Dawn | PART 1 | RPG Maker Horror”

  1. We had Brando last time, now a ship full of Zombies. Is this actually Phantom Blood? Did you save Lisa Lisa?

  2. Well given the mystical nature of it I cannot help but think amputation is not even close to a solution, Arceus himself might work.

  3. could please tell me the name of the song in 35:44 the christopher house theme it sounds like silent hill or resident evil i know i know it i just cant find it please someone tell me???

  4. Lol i laughed when Drake decide he would chop off his arm without a second thought. I actually like that Drake doesn't seem to fear the undead and is rather carefree despite what's going on.

  5. I realize this is an old video but I want to say that I’m glad you can play games and you don’t overdo the commentary and act surprised or scared constantly.

    Thank you for being yourself

  6. I always called Silver "Chase" when I played HG/SS. I think it fits better than "Drake," but we're free to name our rivals.

  7. Really, cutting his arm off should've been the bad karma option. He's just as dead with it amputated. The ONLY way that'd MAYBE work is if Drake used a tourniquet RIGHT after he was bitten, THEN chopped the thing off.
    Otherwise, the virus would've started pumping through his bloodstream by the time you reach the house, let alone discuss the plans…

    So, the bad karma route? You throw him out, and later he turns and you kill him.
    Good karma route? You chop his arm off, while he's conscious, later he STILL turns and you kill him.

  8. Something I’ve always wanted to to in a zombie Pokemon game is to catch zombie pokemon in the tall grass and also be able to grind up my pokemon’s strengh. Is that too much to ask for?

  9. Whater gun doesn’t throw enemies back but scratch does? Not logical at all. Besides, how would spashing a zombie with water do any damage if there is no force behind the blast? Just stupid.

  10. so this outbreak start because some guy wants to get revenge against is psycopaths co workers by putting an infected rattata in the food?

    okay that original.

  11. Some parametric Christopher is, the arm thing was utter ignorance. Infections spread through the bloodstream so can't be stifled by eliminating the source.

  12. Oh wow! This game is actually really cool.
    The first game was fine, but it was kinda corny at times and it felt a little flawed quite often.
    This one here is immensely better, the tone, the characters, everything has more personality to it, and it feels like it has some more visual variety. The karma thing is also really cool, makes the game way more replayable.
    I also like how Sil–uh, I mean, Drake here has more personality, or at least feels more believable to what's going on. Ethan was fine, but he kinda just did as he was ordered and only later on the game started questioning some things. Here Drake actually acknowledges how he's basically the only one putting his life in danger, and the choices also make him feel way more 2 dimensional as a character.

    I also feel like the narrative and pacing of the story feels better, and the gameplay seems slightly more refined (though still janky, but the animations feel more fluid, which certainly help with the timing). The dialogue overall just feels nicer, and it doesn't drag on for too long on cutscenes as much as the previous game. Which also helps keeping things nice. The presentation is great too.
    The colors feel nice, and add to the Pokemon aesthetic, I feel like the overuse of fog and dull colors really made the other game feel less connected to the Pokemon universe as a whole, and also just kinda looked ugly at times, besides clashing with the visual style of the game and just looking pretty cheap, while here everything so far looks pretty consistent, it actually feels more like a horror story in familiar Pokemon locations. The story so far too, also feels more focused and coherent, while the other one felt a little weird at times.

    I also think it having less characters, but that have more personality and a purpose help a lot. A lot of the NPCs in the other game were forgettable, because they didn't have much of a purpose in the story, little dialogue and generally died pretty quickly.
    This game balancing the over use of the battle system also helps, I feel like the other one had too many enemies on the screen at times, and with the janky system, it made things less fun than they could be.

    This game definitely still has flaws, but I feel like all the pros outweigh the cons, at least so far.
    It's certainly way more fun to watch. Looking to watching the rest, hope it keeps being this good.


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