Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Ash Vs Dawn (Sinnoh Battle)

Pokemon Multiverse Episode 203: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Ash Vs Dawn (Sinnoh Battle)
Video Type: Pokémon Gameplay, pokemon fanmade battle, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Crossover, Inspired Death Battle

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Welcome to Brogamerchannel
We make pokemon Wifi battle where pokemon trainer from various generation fight against one another, All the way from pokemon kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh all the way to the latest generation.
E.g: Ash Vs Red, Ash Vs Gary, Ash Vs Brendan, Ash Vs May, Red Vs Paul.
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Match Information:
Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum (From Sinnoh Region, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime) Ash Pikachu, Ash Staraptor, Ash Infernape, Ash Torterra, Ash Gliscor, Ash Buizel

Pokemon Trainer Dawn (From Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime, Sinnoh Region)
Quilava, Pachirisu, Buneary, Piplup, Togekiss, Mamoswine

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49 thoughts on “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Ash Vs Dawn (Sinnoh Battle)”

  1. When did Dawn have a Quilava? Ehhh anyway, nice video as always, Infernape dodges everything, like always, ive had trouble against Infernape, it like can dodge everything!!?


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