[Rock Robin] Visual Novel/Band Management Game REVIEW (Open Beta Edition)

A review/quick look on the game/visual novel Rock Robin by Happy Backwards.

How can I forget to mention that it’s FREE TO PLAY? There is no excuse not to play it, PLAY IT NAOW!

Played Robin Robin and really wanted to do some kind of video for the game. It’s my first time doing a review-esque video so there’s definitely a lot I want to improve on. I’m just glad I managed to have finished this!

Rock on!

Play Rock Robin FREE here (OPEN BETA):

Music used in Video:
Title: Melood (Original Mix)
Artist: Meizong (

Nguồn: https://vestingpoint.com/

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4 thoughts on “[Rock Robin] Visual Novel/Band Management Game REVIEW (Open Beta Edition)”

  1. Cool review, with informing and witty commentary! I liked the way you set everything up, it was easy to follow and nice to look at ^^ I really loved Rock Robin and are still waiting not-so-paitiently on the full version. It's good to see I'm not the only one! ^_^


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