Sonic Lost World (Wii U) playthrough ~Longplay~

This is a playthrough of Sonic Lost World on the Nintendo Wii U.

Lost World’s one of the weaker entries in the series in my eyes. The parkour is really fiddly and even once I’d learnt how to use it properly it still didn’t feel fun in the slightest.

The game’s (mostly) technically sound and the performance remains consistent, but it mostly feels uninspired, sticking to overly simple Mario-esque aesthetics and bland level design philosophies. There are some areas where you can build up a satisfying sense of speed by making use of the spin dash and spin boost but they’re few and far between, and on the whole speed feels arbitary rather than a reward for solid gameplay.

This video shows the Wii U version at 1080p/60fps. I have since played the PC version which feels like a low-effort port. It -works-, but it has a 60fps cap and the presentation leaves a lot to be desired.

0:00:00 Opening

0:02:12 Windy Hill Zone 1
0:05:53 Windy Hill Zone 2
0:08:46 Windy Hill Zone 3
0:11:08 Windy Hill Zone 4

0:16:29 Desert Ruins Zone 1
0:21:31 Desert Ruins Zone 2
0:26:26 Desert Ruins Zone 3
0:28:53 Desert Ruins Zone 4

0:35:22 Tropical Coast Zone 1
0:39:32 Tropical Coast Zone 2
0:44:31 Tropical Coast Zone 3
0:49:32 Tropical Coast Zone 4

0:57:18 Frozen Factory Zone 1
1:01:36 Frozen Factory Zone 2
1:08:13 Frozen Factory Zone 3
1:10:42 Frozen Factory Zone 4

1:18:00 Silent Forest Zone 1
1:22:09 Silent Forest Zone 2
1:28:00 Silent Forest Zone 3
1:31:50 Silent Forest Zone 4

1:37:02 Sky Road Zone 1
1:42:52 Sky Road Zone 2
1:46:39 Sky Road Zone 3
1:49:33 Sky Road Zone 4

1:56:42 Lava Mountain Zone 1
2:00:26 Lava Mountain Zone 2
2:05:19 Lava Mountain Zone 3
2:14:20 Lava Mountain Zone 4

2:19:05 Hidden World Zone 1
2:20:16 Hidden World Zone 2
2:21:46 Hidden World Zone 3
2:24:35 Hidden World Zone 4

2:28:45 Nightmare Zone
2:33:28 Yoshi’s Island Zone
2:36:30 The Legend of Zelda Zone

2:39:38 Credits

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