Stuff+ Builds : Stuff in Blockade Runner : Part 26

Episode 26 of building stuff in Blockade Runner. All footage is from the Alpha 0.71.0c. For more information and to try out the Demo version go to:

An unquantifiable amount of thanks to ZanMgt “the six sibling studio” for making the game and allowing me to create this video. Thanks also goes to the BR community for helping shape and indeed make parts of the game! Check out some awesome creations on the BR forum:

Post in the comments for future projects 🙂

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod ( What a great guy!

“Stuff+ Theme”: Sneaky Snitch (

“Building Theme 1”: Stormfront (

All other music / sounds from Blockade Runner or Public Domain


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23 thoughts on “Stuff+ Builds : Stuff in Blockade Runner : Part 26”

  1. I have a problem with this game that I was hoping someone could answer. I was building an enormous starcruiser and saved it. However, it seems that it's too big so I can't load it. Is there any way to fix this?

  2. Somewhere on that station, you may want to put an armory. In the event of the station being boarded, your crew needs to defend themselves right!

    Oh, and also, a gentlemen's club. Find room for that.

  3. SUGGESTION: The empty space behind the screen? Security station. Make it a hangar for one to three small security fighters, ready to blow up a giant personal transport with thousands of people onboard just to get that one guy who stole an apple.

  4. Not at the moment no. There are a lot of things in the game that are "useless" at the moment and dont do what they will eventually do, interiors & elevators for example. I just build what I think looks good as building it practice is currently impossible.

  5. in the back room put servers and things that could potentially run and manage the hologramatic play, because something needs to make sure the right holograms play at the right time. or any holograms at all play

  6. Make THE UNIVERSE! Make your interpretation of the universe from far away. If you cant, make a big black sphere with white dots and spots. I don't know how long the update you need for the upstairs will take, so you may have to do detail and side work in the mean time. Have you considered that possibility?

  7. I think that the private boxes are now useless. I am sure that you cannot see different colors of glass through glass.

  8. turn the middle of the screen into see through glass and behind that have a backdrop to the stage so that it looks like the giant cinema screen is working and also around the back instead of having stages and props why don't you have like a super commuter named Tim that is wired in controlling everything 😀 that would be so coo; 🙂

  9. for the back:Where you can leave unwanted children,doubles as an orphanage! For the other theater:Attack of the giant robot 7, a documentary


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